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NukMech 02-23-2014 01:23 AM

first timer
My wife said I could get a subaru so i have been doiing some research. I have decided to get the 2014 WRX Hatch. I have about 2k to start my upgrades. any suggestions for exhaust? my friend told me I should get turboback xhaust with a high flow cat, cold air intake and then tune it? what brand exhaust should I get, and do should I get a cold air intake. As for tuning it, I would like to learn to tune my car myself and buy the equipment, or should I just get the shop to tune it for me? thank you:)

BLAZE2099 02-23-2014 05:13 PM

Get a Cobb AP. I'd like to tell you to try to tune it yourself, but I don't think you'd wanna chance blowing your new motor.
Brand is up to you, many different sounds out there. Check YouTube for tons of sound clips.
Good luck!

LW_Black4 02-23-2014 05:57 PM

Invidia makes a quality exhaust.

Cat-back: [IMG][/IMG]

Down pipe:

Brockton 02-23-2014 07:02 PM

Intakes aren't necessary until you start doing big power builds. Most people get them for the engine bay bling and they let you here some of that "psshhh" sound from the bypass valve.

If you want something that sounds aggressive but not loud enough to make your neighbors angry then the SPT exhaust the dealerships sell is good.

Magnaflow makes a nice medium loud exhaust, as well as the invidia q series shown above.

For louder exhausts, the Greddy RS, Invidia N1, Tsudo N1, Apexi N1, HKS are all good loud systems.
If you have some good headphones then youtube will give you a decent idea of what the different ones will sound like. None of them will do the exhaust and boxer engine true justice though.

As for downpipes, take your pick, but read this first: [url=]Downpipe FAQ: Read if you are thinking of buying one! - NASIOC[/url]

Also, definiatly grab a Cobb Accessport for your car, it is the most user friendly option for tuning these cars, and these cars are sensitive to a lot of modifications, so things like intakes and downpipes require a tune, with a AP you can put the tune on in minutes. It has a ton of other features, like check engine light code reading, car sensor reading and logging, ect...

Some first mods I recommend:

Cobb AP
Short Shifter (I have the Kartboy and its great)
Upgrading the sound system

arcticscythe 02-23-2014 07:43 PM

im gonna be that guy again and tell you to hold onto your money and drive her first.

I definitely recommend getting an accessport, it will allow you to re-map on the fly and take good care of your engine.

that being said, just because there is a healthy upgrade market and lots of pretty upgrade parts doesnt mean you need to jump in and start tuning right off the bat. i would recommend driving it for a few thousand miles totally stock first. learn how it handles, what makes it happy and what makes it mad then upgrade based on that.

I beleive in a suspension/braking/power upgrade model. before you go out and start making your brand new car faster i would recommend upgrading the suspension, for me that meant anti-sway bars, after that drive the car and see if it needs any help slowing down. when your happy with your ability to stop then we can talk about downpipes, turbo back kits and stage 2 tunes.

if you have 2k to spend i would pickup swaybars and endlinks, an accessport and if you have enough leftover a catback that makes a nice tone.when your ready to upgrade to stage 2 then you can pickup a nice downpipe and take it by a local tuner for a custom tune.

with great horsepower comes great responsibility : )

hope that helps

sleepr 02-24-2014 06:48 PM


...and welcome to the site!

NukMech 03-03-2014 01:39 PM

thank you for all the advice!!!!! my 2014 wrx shows up on the 22nd of March, the waiting is killing me, especially since there is supposed to be 1-3 inches of snow tonight where I live :(

G0ATLIF3 03-03-2014 04:15 PM

[quote=NukMech;438625]thank you for all the advice!!!!! my 2014 wrx shows up on the 22nd of March, the waiting is killing me, especially since there is supposed to be 1-3 inches of snow tonight where I live :([/quote]

Welcome NukMech!

!Thumbs Up Suby owners are the only people i know that get giddy at the thought of a few inches of snow ;D

I would definitely recommend, as arcticscythe had mentioned, Driving it for a while before throwing down on upgrades.

I initially bought the AP tuner and Intake.(love that sound) But decided to take it off for the first 1000mi. I wanted to Hear and Feel what was happening(important!)

Next thing a bought was Sways, then a slight camber adjustment in the rear. Now i am getting my DP w/ high flow CAT, EBCS, and CBE and will re-install the intake.

If nothing else, for now, Get the AP tuner. it will make you much more aware of what is happening and how you would like to proceed. Remember that any good car will start with a suspension that is more than capable of handling the intended HP/TQ.


Brockton 03-03-2014 09:05 PM

Also remember to baby it during the 1k mile break in period. Its more important than you think.

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