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Exhaust help

So I currently have a 3" tanabe concept g exhaust which is completely catless on my 2010 wrx and today (being an idiot) thought I wanted to straight pipe so I could be louder and cut my muffler off and put two pipes in their place and left the resonator in. I realized that it was stupid and am going to put my muffler back on, what I want to know is if I put on my muffler and take the resonator out will it make my car louder and raspier or just raspier. If I could get an answer by early tomorrow that would be great, thanks.
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Every exhaust system is different, but as a general rule of thumb the muffler lowers the overall volume and the resonator lowers the tonal frequency and eliminates some of the higher pitch noise. /over simplified/ the gasses enter the resonator and the extra space lets the sound waves separate a bit making it sound deeper and more bassey.

Eliminating the mufflers as in muffler delete will make the car louder and removing the resonators will often make the car sound more raw and more metallic with more of the higher " raspier" tones coming through. If you are looking for more volume i understand the q300 is pretty loud, just keep in mind louder usually means more drone. If you've already cut up your concetp G why not remove the resonator and see if you like it, everyone's ears are different

/my .02cents/ I dont like the raspy raw metalic sound,. to my ears it sounds like the cars are gasping for oil but that's just my ears, I would add extra resonators to MY setup if the option were available : )
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Thanks and I get what you're saying and I've heard similar setups of the pipes with no resonator and I don't want that raspy sound, I just wanted to be as loud as possible while looking good and not being to raspy. The pipes did make my car louder just not by much so I think for the time being I am going to put my regular muffler back on and sell the pipes to my buddy but if anybody has any thoughts on how I can go louder with my tanabe muffler on it would be greatly appreciated.
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My car is catless and there is no muffler, just 4" straight pipe, I think that maybe cutting the resonator off and leaving the muffler, or even replacing the muffler with the shortest glass pack or straight through magnaflow muffler you can find, I don't like how the resonator makes the car sound, to me it just doesn't sound right, you have a high performance exhaust on a turbo car, it should be loud as balls and there should be some raw sound coming out, albeit my straight pipes are pretty ridiculous and ill probably throw a glass pack in the midpipe or something, if there isn't at least a little bit if raw roar it just sounds like someone put a fart can muffler on a Pontiac sunfire and left the rest of the exhaust stock.

Something I have discovered, I use it as a rule of thumb when people ask me how to make their cars sound a certain way.

Muffler at the back of the car you get more raw, roaring sound

Muffler in the midpipe (or adding a resonator to the midpipe) will make it sound more refined and "muffled"

The closer the muffler or resonator is to the front of the car the "smoother" it sounds. The farther back the muffler is the more rasp you will get.

Keep in mind the type and size of muffler as well as how many play a large roll too
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Yeah I get what you're saying. I ended up putting my mufflers back on and just taking the resonator out so it is a bit louder and a lot raspier.

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