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Question Crashed and Repairing 03 WRX, Need Help, Story Inside

The Story:

I purchased my 03' WRX with about 128000 miles, and after only a few hundred miles of my own put into it I introduced it to a mountainside. Unfortunately, my car and the mountainside didn't get along. I took a corner at 40 on day old wet asphalt, began to hydroplane, corrected some to the right to try to get back to my lane, corrected some to the left to avoid the cliff edge, then finally applied my brakes more aggressively and locked my steering wheel, spinning a 180 and hit the mountain side. I am an inexperienced driver, and have since then learned of the many ways I could have finessed my way back into control of my vehicle. Luckily, however, the damage to my vehicle considering things is relatively minor and the only real damage done was to both my wallet and my ego.

Sorry about no images, but these are the things I need help with.

Now with all of that set aside, the only damage I did to the car besides smashed bumpers and head lights ended up being a bent Tie End Rod that I quickly replaced. I am in need of a new headlight, a new foglight, and new front and back bumpers. In addition, two of my wheels need replacement, and I am going to buy a new set of tires because the previous owner decided cheap 50$ tires only available at Walmart would cut it.

Where do I go to find these parts at the best value? I think in order to save money I'd like to go with stock lights and replace my two wheels with stock wheels, However I am also considering buying an entire set of new/used wheels and a set of new/used headlights. What kind of wheels and headlights do you guys think work and look best for an 03 WRX? Where can I get stock bumpers for cheapest, or what is a great looking bumper I should put on my car and where can I find it? I've been perusing the entire Wheels/tires section of the forum to get a better idea of what I want/need, but would definitely like your individual opinions as well.

And for paint..

I also plan on plastidipping the entire car from a professional to eliminate having to get the bumpers painted individually and to cover up the good scratches I put on it already. Rims are likely to be included in this paint job.. I'm not sure if I want to keep the WRXs original rally blue or perhaps get it painted a gunmetal grey and then paint the rims teal.

Thank you to everyone who reads this an decides to help!
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Sorry to hear about that, and Welcome to the forum.

As for replacing bumpers you might look for a local salvage yard, or on ebay. As far as headlights and fogs the salvage yard is probably your best bet. If your diping them anyway it doesnt matter what color was on them originally. As for brands for lights I prefer OEM if you can get them. there are a ton of cheap headlight assemblies on ebay but the leaks and poor beam patterns arent worth the savings.

Just make sure at the end you have a set of matching wheels and matching tires. Not to say that cheap tires is the reason you spun out but there are some really advanced rubber compounds today that handle great and resist hydroplaning even in water.

- Jason
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I'll definitely have to start sending some calls to salvage yards then to see what I can get. Thank you for the advice. I think my tires may have aided my spin out in addition to my inexperience, and perhaps inappropriate speeds for the conditions.
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Dam that sucks.
Sounds like you didnt do to much major damage if there was no airbag deployment.

Salvage yard might be your best bet for body parts,Ebay tends to slam with shipping charges but if money is not that much an issue then you will find everything pretty quick there.

A good set of tires is money well spent, I wouldn't risk the headache of putting used tires on your wrx.

If your trying to save money by cutting corners buying Important cheap stuff for these cars it will only come back and bite you in the butt in the end.

Good luck man.
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Sending you a PM.

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