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#1 Old 08-07-2007, 11:00 AM
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Age Old question WRX vs. EVO

I have had my rex for 4 years now, I have been tuning it for the last 3. I get the question all of the time WRX vs. EVO? Correct me if I am wrong. With comparisons of the two in the "tuner" mags, the EVO comes out on top... however Best Motoring choose the STI, feel of the car was what it came down to. Has anyone looked at the EVOs safety specs? Absolutely terrible! Engine longevity... terrible! So, here is my explaination to those who ask the question. If you want a car that goes faster buy the EVO. If you want a car that goes fast, is survivable in a crash and the engine can handle more than stock performance, WRX. Anyone.... what else are the selling points?
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#2 Old 08-07-2007, 11:23 AM
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i think alot of the evos selling points are all the publicity. Everyones knows the name EVO most likely from fast and the furious. i personally like the STIs alot better, the EVOS have an ugly ass interior and the STI just seems like a better all around car. Now if this was about the new EVO and STI... i might have a diff oppinion
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After watching countless Top Gear and 5th Gear episodes, I love how they all conclude the EVO usually comes out on top just a bit. But even when it does, they still prefer the STi and cannot explain why. In perspective, (in America) the EVO would not be here if it was not for the success of the WRX.

That being said, there's nothing wrong with the EVO

...if you're into that scene.

"We live for a good time, not a long time."
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#4 Old 08-07-2007, 11:49 AM
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Absolutely terrible! Engine longevity... terrible!
Now that is BS. The 4G63 engine is a great long running engine you need to do more research before you say things like that!! also the evo is a safe car may not be the number one safest car but its not a dead trip. I have had two other cars with the 4g63 and all have gone to 150k or more. If anything the wrx has a worse engine, parts are more and the tranny has problems. But that by NO means are the two cars "evo and wrx" bad cars when you look at what else is on the road.
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#5 Old 08-07-2007, 11:55 AM
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As I read the first post again i get very pissed off. There are hundreds of engines that are putting out 100+hp more then stock and have been doing it for 50k or more. I have just over 340 awhp on my evo and guess what it has 75k on it and 40k have been at that power level. 26psi with stock turbo, I would like to see you get anything close to that with a wrx. shit all i have done to it is a tbe,air filter and mbc with a tune.

Now STI is a ever different storie but you only said wrx and you have a 02 wrx so im taking that as that. STI have a down side and up, going out and saying flat out that evo are junk is not even close to the truth.. everything has up sides and down and the STI has some of its own.
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#6 Old 08-07-2007, 05:35 PM
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Wait lucky are you trying to say that it is an accomplishment to have your engine still running after 75k miles. pfft.. I have a celica parked in my driveway with 170k+ on it. So saying your evo has 75k on it isn't saying much.
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#7 Old 08-07-2007, 06:05 PM
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if my wrx does not make it to 120K ill be supremely disappointed. in fact, i say that about any car i own. understandably i dont expect the turbo to make it all 120K, but i think the motor and tranny should without any serious malfunctions.
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#8 Old 08-08-2007, 09:03 AM
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no 75k with alot more then stock power and there are ones with 150k on them and one that i know of with 160k that all have 100hp or more so saying they dont last is bs. I haven't seen as many wrx with that many miles and that much power with stock blocks,turbos and pretty much everything but exhuast and fuel systems done.
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lucky, you have a valid point, granted I am a wrx fan, but my best friend owns an evoVIII iwth 340 awhp, and it has 110k on the odo, 70k+ has been with that power level, and it runs like a beast, we autocross together a few times a month, he drives my subie some days, I will drive his evo, we both now post around the same times, and I only have 17k on my odo, while he is at 110 and running strong, hp wise, stronger than me!

So, yes, i feel that there are always upsides and downsides to all vehicles. You just need to choose what it is that you feel is the lesser of the two evils
remember certain key points though:
the EVO motor(4G63) has been around a LONG time and those tuners out there know their shit when it comes to that motor, WRX's are newer, and with the WRX, the 2.5 is EVEN NEWER, so it might take some time to fully tweek the engines safely. Granted, if you have unlimited dough, you could take any motor on any car to the absolute max, but in the case, the point I trying to make here is that in time the technology for the engine will be fully reverse engineered and everything will be understood way better, and the current go fast bits technology that we have available to us will become increasingly more cost effective. So choose your weapons wisely, but your words more0so.

Wow, it can turn well too?
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correct! the 4g63 has been around around since 1990! its obvious people would simply keep observing and observing and testing to make the engine faster, stronger, better. For example as we all know 1990-1994 eclipse 4g63 engines were way better built than 1995-1999 4g63 engines due to them trying to reduce the weight of the crank and size by up to 20mm! thus created crank walk, from these mistakes mitsubishi fixed this and stopped all production of the eclipse and then released the evo to america with the same eclipse engine but rebuilt with a 16g turbo and better internals.

The point im trying to state here is you cant compare technology that has been researched for almost 20 years, to a ej25 that has only been around since what? 2003, 2004ish. In the end as we all know it is all on how you drive your car to see how long it will last, i have my share of mitsubishi problems and such which is why im leaning towards getting a 2007 wrx. Happy tuning everyone!
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i am also in no way biased towards the WRX(well, not COMPLETELY), I did used to own a 98 GSX eclipse, I loved it, but the greyhound that ripped it in half felt otherwise about it.

both are GREAT cars, one must once again though, decide what they want out of it, then make a decision.

and if cost is an issue, the ralliart lancer is coming, which I heard the new one will be turbo'd and AWD, but not for sure, if tht is the case, then hell yeah, then people in the WRX(not STi) market will have a better time looking at turbo AWD bang for the buck.

ps...the ralliart is supposedly going to run between 22-25k new

Wow, it can turn well too?
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#12 Old 08-08-2007, 09:43 PM
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same, im not biased at all. ive driven both and can say that i like both equaly, but would end up driving a wrx or sti as my daily street machine. firstoff, the evo is a very capable track machine with samurai sword sharp steering and great track suspension and not too much understeer. I would choose the evo as a weekend track going car. Its steering and suspension work are "too much" so to say for daily driving, not to mention the interior is not great in any terms. Seeing as how i never go to the track (went once) i love the wrx and sti for street and daily driving. They both have a lot more comfortable ride an tollerable steering for street driving. They both obviously have phenomenal after market support so looking for parts shouldnt be too difficult. Bottome line , if you want a great car for track days and for amateur racing, go with the evo. If you want a great daily driver that you can add mods to thats comfortable, easy, and fun to drive go with the wrx/sti.

here are pros and cons (in my oppinion) of each car

Evo pros
-Suspension is nice and stiff
-Steering is sharp and precise
-Overall very capable circuit car

-Not suitable for street driving
-Interior is very bland
-Guzzles gas

WRX/STI pros
-Excellent for daily driving
-Very nice exhaust note with aftermrket system
-Great grip for all types for weather

-Hood scoop for 04+ is too big
-Understeer on the track
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#13 Old 08-08-2007, 11:13 PM
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My question is:

Lucky, why are you addressing people on a website called WRX tuners in such an angry tone? Of course we support WRX's more than DSM's. I'm sure there's mad sh*t talking about WRX's on DSM tuners, but that's reality. I have nothing against DSM's, but I think you're outnumbered here.

Under constant pressure
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personally i like the wrx, wrx sti and the evo. they're all awesome. but when the issue is pressed, i have to pick the wrx over all of them. sure the evo beats the sti in performance and they both beat the stock wrx, but on my budget anything over $30K is a fantasy. the wrx looks great, performs admirably, and it's not that expensive. i give a nod of respect to anyone driving any of these cars. but my heart lies with my own wrx.
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#15 Old 08-09-2007, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Vew View Post
After watching countless Top Gear and 5th Gear episodes, I love how they all conclude the EVO usually comes out on top just a bit. But even when it does, they still prefer the STi and cannot explain why.

Well, Hammond, May, Clarkson, VBH, et al. are pretty mediocre drivers, only Tiff is the true driver of all of them, and I think the magic AYC of the EVO is the tipper in performance facts and times. But they are seasoned enough to know that the AYC is helping to turn the car, and know (in my personal opinion) that the STI takes a little more skill to drive, so they probably have a bit more respect for it.

I have driven both STI and EVO, and the EVO just feels....sterile to me. Like it a computer with four wheels. No soul, no character, it is just a little TOO perfect and polished.


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