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man show 03-26-2009 11:05 AM

30K Maintenance = How much did it co$t you?
I did all the 30K maintenance on my 07 WRX by myself, so labor was free. Here's a breakdown of how much everything cost:

[U]Change Engine Oil[/U]
(5x) 1 Quart Royal Purple 5W 30 = $8.47/ea. = $42.35
(1x) Subaru OEM Oil Filter = $7.95
Total = $50.30

[U]Flush/Replace Engine Coolant[/U]
(1x) 1 Gallon Subaru Undiluted Coolant = $22.62
(1x) 1 Bottle Subaru Cooling System Conditioner = $1.39
(1x) Red Line Water Wetter = $6.99
(4x) 1 Gallon Distilled Water = $0.99/ea. = $3.96
Total = $34.96

[U]Replace Fuel Filter[/U]
I decided not to do this until I upgrade to a Walbro 255 lph fuel pump in preparation for a bigger turbo some time in the future.
Total = $0.00

[U]Replace Engine Air Filter[/U]
(1x) K&N Panel Filter = $0.00 (Already in car)
(1x) K&N Filter Recharge Kit = $0.00 (Already had it in the garage)
Total = $0.00

[U]Replace Spark Plugs[/U]
(4x) Pulstar Pulse Plugs = $24.95/ea. = $99.80
Total = $99.80

[U]Replace Transmission Fluid[/U]
(4x) 1 Quart Red Line 75W 90NS = $8.95/ea. = $35.80
Total = $35.80

[U]Replace Rear Differential Fluid[/U]
(1x) 1 Quart Red Line 75W 90 = $8.95
Total = $8.95

[U]Replace Brake Fluid[/U]
(1x) 1 Liter ATE Super Blue DOT 4 High Performance Brake Fluid = $12.50
(1x) Goodridge Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hose Kit = $99.00
(1x) Motive Brake Bleeder = $58.46
Total = $169.96

[B][COLOR="Blue"]GRAND TOTAL = $399.77[/COLOR][/B]

First of all, I'm not trying to start any arguments because I know some of the stuff I did was probably completely unnecessary. I just thought it would be pretty cool to post a list of everything I did for those of you who might be curious. It is definitely possible to do the job for less money, but that's what it cost me.

Granted, my total does not include the price of my time or gas/wear/tear to get me to and from the dealership and other stores to purchase some of these products, nor does it include shipping costs for the ones I found online. Had I taken a little more time to shop around, I probably could have found better deals on some of the products or, had I chosen to purchase less expensive products, I probably could have saved even more money. Further, I didn't include the prices of the hand tools, funnels, ramps, jack stands, floor jacks, tube of dielectric grease, tube of anti sieze, new transmission fluid drain plug (since I started rounding out the first one because I tried to remove it with a T-60 instead of a T-70 torx socket), containers to store the used fluids, gas to drive the old fluids to the recycle center for proper disposal, paper towels and rags, etc. that I needed to complete the job.

All in all, I'd say it was worth it to do it myself because I learned a bunch of things about my car, I have a pretty good sense of satisfaction for doing it myself, and I feel good that I "saved a little money" by not paying someone else to do it, and in the end, I feel like I ended up with high quality products. If anybody else feels like posting how much they spent for everything, I'd be curious to compare mine to yours. Thanks for reading.

newtothegame 03-26-2009 09:27 PM

Man show, I appreciate you posting up. Im not near mine yet, but I will probably be referencing back to this when the time does come.Thanks for taking the time and putting this out there for everyone.

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