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2011 WRX Limited or WRX STi-which one to buy!?

Hello all! I am new to this site and the world of subaru for that matter. I currently have a supercharged mustang (nothing special really) and have decided it's time to move on. Mainly because living in Michigan, I am tired of having to store it in the winter. I have always been fond of the WRX and have decided to purchase one. I want the STi, but just can't seem to justify spending 6 grand more for it. (Brembro brakes, i know.) Otherwise I'm just going to buy the WRX Limited. So my question is; What would it take to get the WRX Limited up to the STi's 305 HP? Also, what are some of your opinions on the driver controlled center differential?

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It depends on how much you want to track and modify the car. The 6 grand is more than just brakes, a 6 speed, and a slight bump in power.

The DCCD isn't something you need to mess with too much. I only ever run mine in auto or full 50/50. I only run it in full mode in bad weather. But, it does its job quietly and helps split the torque between the front and back. All around the STIs differentals help out a lot more than the Traction control and VCD would be able to in inclimate weather. Better explained is that the other two features try to control the car once it loses grip. The differental upgrades in the STI do a better job than the open diffs in the WRX and they would increase your chances of getting traction.

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awesome choice ... well the sti and the wrx are really different . its not just the brembo brakes, but the whole suspension setup that was changed . thicker swaybars and beefed up the suspension . the six speed tranny is alot more durable than the 5 speed wrx and will take a little more" spirited " driving. i believe the sti has a oil cooler for the engine maybe someone else will say if that is true. the sti also has lighter rims, spoiler and larger intercooler . the chassis has alot more support and is alot stronger. now if you add all that up it might be easier to just get the sti if you have the money and dont want to worry about modding the wrx. but being is how you seem to not be a stranger to aftermarket parts you can make the stis power with alot less money for the sti as long as going strait is all your after . i think in my opinion if you could afford the sti go for it , but the wrx is also awsome that little car sprints 0-60 in 4.7 seconds and is just a all around bad ass car as well. you can get a brand spankin new wrx for 25 out the door as long as your patient. the call is yours if your not worried about mods then go for the wrx as a platform but if you like warranties and dont want to mod much and have the money go for the sti . i suggest that you read around here first as well there is alot of good input here in this forum as i am sure as well the regulars will give you awesome advice too
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if you can afford it just buy the STi...I really wish I would have...but at the time I really wanted a hatch and STi hatch wasn't out in 03

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Thanks for the info, it all helps, really it does. Sales reps are no help and most of my buddies drive mustangs, camaro's, and such. So they all think i'm nuts for doing this. I'm gonna have to search around in here, learn some more and make my decision.
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Get either, get used to how it handles/drives. Then take anyone or all off your v-8 buddies to a nice twisty road and see what they think then. Im a big fan of Mustang, but honestly there are alot of things that a RWD cant do that an AWD can. Do your research, even test drive a few and when you finally buy one, you will be very satisfied that you did.

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If your budget allows, go with the STI. The 2011 have many cool things that set it apart of the WRX. Not saying the WRX is bad, I have an 05, but you get from the factory multiple tunes. The Driver Controled Center Diff (DCCD). You can get the big "park bench" wing back in the sedan. I always tell people its drivers car. Someone who wants to customize their driving experience. Plus the things I mentioned are on top of all the other things mentioned before like the brembo brakes, the near bulletproof tranny, the better suspension. It is a car that if you don't plan on sinking a lot of mods on it, you could keep it stock and still be very happy. I don't know why you would though! Either way man you are going to be getting a great car. The STI does have a Limited option as well so if those convenient features really do it for you then that may be the way to go if your budget allows. Also, I would recommend if there are features that don't come on it but you want them, like heated seats or leather, ask your dealer if they have somebody to do that. I know at the dealership I used to work at we worked with a company that replaced cloth with leather and it looked identical to stock and actually their heated seats were better than Subaru's. I have their after market setup in my car, and my wife has the stock heated seats in her Impreza.

Sorry for rambling their are a ton of ways to go about it. Rest assured you will be getting a great car from a great company. You can't go wrong, it just depends on budget and what you want to do with it. Good luck man. Ahh I love hearing about people finally seeing the light and coming to Subaru, way to start my day off right!
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Since everythings been covered and I'm the power guy as it seems, the WRX and STI power is equal or within about 10hp. I havnt seen a dyno yet showing anywhere near a 40hp difference. And I've seen same tuners, same dynos before. Granted no there not the same time back to back runs but still the point spread isn't that far. Even if it was the wrx's come in about 225lbs lighter. If your a mustang guy and like racing the WRX is as fast or faster from stock times I've seen. Driver, track, temp ect all make a difference of course but they have both put down high 12's with average low 13's in stock form. There both fun either way.

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Thanks for all the info everybody! I fell in love with the STi (or WRX) for being a true 'drivers car'. I really don't think anything compares to it. I've always modded everything I own and honestly love the STi the way it is. (I know, wait 6 months after I get it and see if I still feel that way! lol!) I look forward to owning this car, maybe not the payment-OUCH! Gonna have to save a little more to get the STi, but it's ok. Call me greedy but I don't want to sell any of my cars for a down payment! Thanks again for all the info!
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