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vcreation 01-11-2014 08:55 AM

03 WRX, Unknown cables behind the radio? security keypad removal? light button?
I just got a 03 WRX and got a few newbie questions... pls help

What is the 3rd button in the end, cruise control, fog light and ? ?

I've taken out the factory double DIN unit and put in a single DIN JVC unit. base on internet reference I was able to connect all cables except 'Illumination+' and 'Dimmer Illumination' cable as the JVC unit not support Illumination. (the head unit lights up when u turn on the car's headlight even when the unit is OFF). anyway I connected the illumination cable to the JVC's illumination wire. and in the end I am left with ONE wire nowhere to go. it's a Yellow wire with green strips and it has no power coming from it... anyone know WHAT it is ? ?

I've found 3 other kind of connections behind the stereo unit, the seller said it had something to do with the factory security system which had been disable/removed. but he has no idea as he is the 2nd owner... those connectors looks like those computer connectors to your motherboard, another looks like Ethernet cable. and then a few black cables that had been cut. what are they? and where is the engine diagnostic/tuning connector on my car?

since my factory security is no longer working. how should I remove the keypad? as it is collecting lots of dirt.. is it OK to just cut that cable and seal that hole ??

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