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CARiD 08-23-2013 10:17 AM

The Art of Auto Detailing (Part 2)
Hey everybody!

CARiD is bringing more useful auto detailing tips to your attention!

Check out some cool products we offer to restore hazy headlights, clean your some chrome parts and make your car glass hydrophobic:

1) [URL=""]MOTHERS® - Headlight Restoration Kit[/URL]


- Mounts to any drill for rotary buffing action
- Designed specifically for restoring clarity to plastic surfaces
- Kit also includes 2 double-sided sandpaper pads for severely oxidized plastic
- Kit includes one microfiber towel for wipeoff
- Features denser “closed cell” foam bristles compared to PowerBall 4 Paint
- Individual bristles allow ball to rotate while applying even pressure to plastic surfaces, even in tight nooks and crannies
- Also works well for cleaning glass with Mothers Glass Polish

[ame=]Mothers - Headlights Restoration DIY - YouTube[/ame]

2) [URL=""]MOTHERS® - California Gold™ Chrome and Metal Polish[/URL]


- Choose between Metal Polish and Chrome Polish
- Designed specifically for polishing chrome and metal surfaces
- Scours and removes microscopic peaks which appear as a dull patina, leaving a mirror smooth finish
- Solvents effectively clean grime and road tars away
- Sealants in the paste form a barrier to lock out moisture and prevent corrosion damage
- Thick consistency applies similarly to cold cream

[ame=]Mothers - Polishing Chrome - YouTube[/ame]

3) [URL=""]Rain-X® - Glass Treatment[/URL]


- Repels rain, sleet and snow
- Improves visibility
- Increases driving safety
- Easy to apply
- Can also be used in the home
- One treatment lasts up to 3 months

[ame=]Rain-X - Original Glass Treatment - YouTube[/ame]

[B]Have a nice auto detailing![/B]

LW_Black4 08-23-2013 11:44 AM

Happy you put this up, as I need the headlight lens cleaner treatment soon. Using a drill is an excellent plan. Thanks,

BLAZE2099 08-24-2013 03:26 AM

^ I highly recommend the mcguires lens x stuff over mothers.
Just ask Mosc.

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