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bushwickbill 12-12-2013 01:37 PM

Is this worth it
I was over at the nearest tuner shop the other day and I was surprised to see a 2010 STi on the hoist. He was in the process of pulling out the motor to do a full build on the motor. he is also selling some of his parts.
I asked if he would sell his injectors and turbo.
He is unsure on the turbo, But the injectors and his stock DP are for sale.
Now I have finally confirmed I did end up getting a 2009 WRX with a 225 HP motor. It has the TD-04 turbo. Its a long story, But I finally settled on keeping my car. As selling it now to buy a STi I will end up losing a lot more loot. anyways,
I am wondering If I grab this guys stock 2010 STI DP and I buy a Intake, Am I able to load a stage 2 OTS Map using my AP. I know stage 2 is supposed to have a new less restrictive downpipe and a proper intake. I already have the cat back aftermarket exhaust. So using this stock STI DP will I see any good gains. Or is the stock STI DP still too restrictive. I can get it cheap so this is why I wanna grab it.
The injectors are for a down the road upgrade if I decide to grab them. I am still thinking about this guys turbo. The mechanic said it was blown when I first asked. But after he got the DP off the STI he stuck his finger in to test if there was any play in the turbo wheel and quickly said that it was fine and that he would sell it.

I have been doing alot of reading around and cant seem to find any one else who has bothered to try this.
Thanx for any and all advice.

boo-key 12-12-2013 02:15 PM

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No, you will need a more free flowing dp. The sti one is not a upgrade. If I'm not mistaken the injectors are not a upgrade either. I think all 06+ wrx and Sti use 560cc injectors. Hopefully someone can chime in and confirm or deny this.

brfatal 12-12-2013 02:43 PM

Not sure why you'd buy his exhaust or assume you can run stage 2 on it, it's identical to yours. Or why would you want to buy an identical set of injectors off him.

There are no 2009 WRXs with TD04s, for the record. You have a 2008 or someone did sold the turbo off the car and replaced it with a TD04. Either way I'd have the dealership's head.

bushwickbill 12-12-2013 05:31 PM

If you look up the canadian 2009 WRX there is two WRX models. A WRX 225, And a WRX 265.
I was sooo pissed when I went to plug in my COBB V3 AP and the first thing is it asked me to confirm that I had a 2008 WRX.
I have a 2009 WRX VIN. But I dont have the STI spoiler, I dont have the alloy pedals and many other things I was unaware of when I purchased my car. The dealership is standing by their decision that they sold me a 2009 car. i filed a complaint. I phoned Subaru of canada and they were the ones that told me of the two models for that year. I was told,
It is a continuation of the 2008 model. I am so mad believe me.
Anyways, the STI injectors are bigger than the ones off my WRX as his are off of a STI, Mine are off a 225 WRX. I see your point of the DP.

psinuse 12-12-2013 05:42 PM

Your injectors and the ones on an STi are the same and so is your exhaust...hp don't mean he has bigger stuff than you, it simple means the STi can produce power through the use of AVCS, bigger turbo, bigger intercooler and a few other minor things.

boo-key 12-12-2013 05:44 PM

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Didn't know you didn't have a usdm. Im out cause i don't know shit about models other than usdm. Good luck!

turmic 12-14-2013 05:26 PM

The 2010 STI Turbo will not work on your WRX without some modification and going with a FMIC. He probably somehow got a 2.5 GT model. OP is your car an automatic?

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