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For the most part Mike, it has to do with your driving style and preference. If you are a rally X racer you would want very small bars or even go without. If you're Auto X though, you can get them huge to reduce the body roll of the vehicle to nil. Looking for balance is what I was after. There is inherent understeer (plowing) with my car (2009 wrx) so I went with an adjustable 20mm in the rear (Whiteline) which will tighten up if I want, and a 22mm front (Rallitek). Honestly, I don't really track the car, but for daily driving street and highway I am really happy with the improvement! If I were to push the driving just a hair more though I would want larger bars. Say 24mm front and 22 rear or larger. As of now I REALLY have to yank on the wheel and get the tires screaming to get some tilt out of the car and that's simply due to the stock shocks from what I can tell.

So google 'understeer' and 'oversteer', or perhaps search the forums (I know boostaddict has a good read up in his massive build thread, but no idea where to find it) to learn what it's going to do with your car. Really large front bar will make you understeer more; Where as a really large rear bar will cause oversteering when your tail end swings out on hard turns. So like I said, it's a balance for your driving style. I hope someone else can come to confirm the above statements and throw out some info links and/or better advice. That should get you started on your search for sway bars though! Don't forget to look at endlinks as well. They are what the sway/antiroll bars attach to and would be desired to upgrade them at the same time as well. C-ya!

Oh, and the effect on your handling is going to be *less body roll from the car = more grip/available tire patch/traction = more control and confidence while turning!


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I just finished reading posts and links on swaybars. By reading those thread and analyzing my needs I am figuring a 24mm front and 22 mm rear whiteline sways. Kartboy endlinks. Slightly stiffer springs with barely a drop. Swift sport. Designed to work with stock struts. My question is would you suggest front non adjustable and rear adjustable, vice versa, or both adjustable? I am a DD that sees snow and some tough roads but wants improved handling with minimal comfort loss and no noise. By possibly getting either just front or just rear adjustable, and having the other non adjustable I can save about 35 bucks. Which would give me the most benifitial type of customization.
Thanks for any help,
mike c.

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It's funny this came up because I think sways are going to be my first upgrade as well. I read when I bought my car (2010 WRX) that they SEEM a little skiddish through turns but will hold just fine. I've definately noticed the body roll and want to tighten it up. However, I live in New England and I was wondering if anyone can attest to how sways affect snow performance. The rex is decent in the snow stock, but I don't want to make it any worse. I had a close call this past winter.

Also to sum up my understanding of what's been said: If you have an earlier model '02 - '07, it sounds like the Perrin or Whiteline sways with Kartboy endlinks is the way to go. If you have '08+, it doesn't seem to matter what you go with (good results from ppl w/ different equipment, but who knows how it'll last over time) although maybe some good deals from Rallitec.

It seems like the common setups are 22mm in front with 19mm in back for "street" improvement and 24mm front and 22mm back for "racing" or minimum body roll. Does anyone have an idea of how different these two setups are? I mean, if you take your car at 40mph and jack the wheel a little bit with stock sways, you get about 15 degrees of body roll. How might this improve?
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Sway bars don't affect snow performance... They don't affect any performance except cornering.

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I got a set of stock GR STI bars last week. I only put the rear on, as the sti front bar was thinner than my stock wrx front bar. It made a huge improvement over stock. Before I felt like the front would push when you went into a turn hard. Now it's more neutral with a little oversteer and the body roll has been significantly decreased. I didn't want a super stiff setup as I'm sure my car will find its way off road soon enough and I don't want to sacrifice traction on uneven surfaces.
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