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Beket 09-21-2010 02:53 AM

stage 2 options.
got a stock 2010 wrx hatchback im lookin to start working on it. read quite a bit on here and got some good info but just wanted to start a conversation ya know?

first of all the goals i have for my car are pretty modest. i don't want to do anything that will hurt the dependability or life expectancy of my car. its my daily driver so im just looking to squeak some extra performance out of it.

as of now i'm probably gonna pick up the perrin stage 2 kit. oddly enough i like that the DP has a cat. i may lose a bit of performance but wont have too worry about check engine lights or emission standards.
i've watched some videos and i like the sound of the perrin exhaust tho i admit i like the cobb a bit better but it makes sense to match parts and with the package deal for perrins stage 2 kit it seems like the better option.

having an AP seems like a cool thing. Get to see why your check engine light came on and have access to maps. i know its not as good as a tech with a dyno but i don't intend to swap turbos or do any heavy engine modifications so as i understand it the maps that come with the stage 2 kit are as specific to the car as you can get without being... you know.. specific to the car.

I hear of sales that perrin has on occasion any tips? any money i can save means i get the parts sooner.

so with the preface i have a few questions.

first off any compelling reasons i should go a different route with the exhaust?

any other power upgrades that are easy to do, low maintenance, and nice to the vehicle i should consider?

whats the deal with a short throw shifter? never driven a car with one. is it just a preference? does it hurt the tranny? if i have issues with the transmission will they use the fact i have a short throw to deny a warranty claim?

any recommendations on handling upgrades? something to improve the nasty amount of under-steer and body roll?

hopefully i have made my goals clear enough for yall to help me and i'm happy to join the community!

if anything Ive said is full of it please correct me as i'm rather new to this.

Smokin'Joe 09-21-2010 03:24 AM

Beket, just so you know, pretty much anything you do will void a warranty here or there. Especially messing with the ECU. Depending on how cool your dealership is (like maybe they sponsor rally/auto cross cars or something and know it's all good) will you get away with it. I have the AP and love it. You can just start with the stage 1 OTS (off the shelf) tune and feel some power increase while running totally safe. Stage 2 is where you might run into more scrutiny from dealerships should anything happen, but if you're like me and install it yourself, then you can simply uninstall it prior to the trip to the dealership =D I'm very happy at stage 2 right now and haven't have any issue taking the car in for anything, but my service manager and mechanics are pretty cool.
As for the understeer, yeah, that was a big issue I addressed immediately starting with a rear sway and end links. Typical healthy set up is going to be 24mm bar up front and a 22mm bar in the rear. I like a little off road so I went 22mm up front and 20mm adjustable (gets stiffer if I want and have it on the middle setting right now so it's pretty balanced). Honestly I could go back to stock because the more play the better when you're taking bumpy sections, but I just like dirt and mud, not serious off road, hahaha. Sways and end links decreased the body roll considerably and also balance out the handling (like you mentioned starting with understeer, but if you get too rear bar happy you will end up with over steer instead so study up on it before you pull the trigger on your set up!).
The short throw shifters will make your stick move less distance to engage the next gear, making faster shifts possible. It also adds a degree more effort to shift, but feels more purposeful in my humble opinion so I really love the feeling. Unfortunately I like the stock height of the shifter so there are adjustable shifters that cost more if you're like me. Otherwise they are straight replacements for the stock one that sit closer to the tranny and have a different position for the bushings and attachment to the throw arm that makes the shift happen. A very nice mod indeed I'd say. I used the Perrin attachment STS adapter deal and it is nice to get a feel of shorter throw with the same shifter and stock height, but not quite the real deal if you follow. It's a nice start though for sure and cheap, lol.

There are a bunch of good builds with excellent write-ups on how they went about choosing their parts so you should study up on them (uhem, boost addict) to find out some more. Here's a link to a very thorough guide, but keep in mind it includes all makes and models so don't swear by it that what worked awesome for a 2004 sti will be good on yours = [url=]Unabomber's Manifesto - NASIOC[/url]

Finally, Welcome to the club!!! Hope you have fun with it and don't get bit too hard by the mod bug or you'll have 350 WHP before you know it and an angry wife, rofl!

Beket 09-21-2010 03:36 AM

[quote=Smokin'Joe;250735] Hope you have fun with it and don't get bit too hard by the mod bug or you'll have 350 WHP before you know it and an angry wife, rofl![/quote]

yea.. im a bit scared about that. paintball is another hobby and i sure got bit by that mod bug hard.. but even wehn i go nuts there i drop a grand a most... cars are a whole different beast.

having said that i was under the impression that a dealership had to prove that the modification was the cause of the issue to deny a warranty claim? and if it was? well its my fault anyway. is that not the case?

pzr2874 09-21-2010 05:28 AM

^^ You are correct on the warranty info. I have yet to see anyone go in for engine warranty work and get away with it having a downpipe (take that with a grain of salt).

Plain and simple.... you go in with a aftermarket DP for engine work... they will not cover it.

Beket 09-21-2010 06:24 AM

Now is that because it gives them an excuse to deny a claim or does adding a downpipe actualy cause engine issues on occasion?

basco 09-21-2010 07:27 AM

Yes it can cause engine issues, because if you add just a downpipe your ECU will not be able to adjust for the quicker spool and increased boost. So yes there is actual reasoning behind it.

shaggy 09-21-2010 04:51 PM


i recommend a short shifter. but even if you don't get one, you should at least get stiffer shifter bushings. it gets rid of that squishy feeling when shifting. a very cheap but affective upgrade.

Beket 09-21-2010 07:33 PM

Well I suppose I can bolt the stock back on before it had to go in for warranty work.... And hopefully it won't actualy NEED warranty work. If the modification was actualy at fault for the issue then that's fair. Unfurtunate that it seems they could deny an unrelated issue because the modification COULD be at fault. Seems the burden of prooving it was should fall on the dealership. But hey it is what it is... At this point I've drooled too much to turn back now so voided warranty or not.... Its happening.

As far as sway bars I just feel a bit over my head. Wouldn't Know where to start.

I may pick up those Perrin shifter bushings when/if I get that kit. Although that would be a waste if I did end up going with a short throw as I'm sure it would cone with it's own bushings correct?

What do I need to know to make an informed sway bar and short throw buying decision?

RcrsWetDream 09-22-2010 08:35 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Sway bars - Whiteline or Perrin. Kartboy or Perrin Endlinks. Generally with sway bars the stiffer the bar in the rear is the more understeer you take out of the system. Go too big, and you have too much oversteer and that can be just as bad (if not worse). I'm running 25 up front, 22 mm rear bars. Rear bar on the stiffest setting, front bar on soft setting and the car is pretty close to neutral in the corners now.

Shifter go with Kartboy or MODE Racing. The karboy is a fixed shifter, the mode can be adjusted for throw length and height (also $25 more than the Karboy). From what I hear, you can get the mode a bit lower than the kartboy, but the shifts are about the same throw. While you're doing the shifter, do the front and rear shifter stay bushings from Kartboy. They help to firm up the feel.

The mod I can't recommend enough is to also do the Group-N Transmission mount. I swear it felt like going from non-short shifter to short shifter all over again and I already had a short shifter. Same goes for a good shift knob, such as the cobb knob, or kartboy knob. They sit even lower than the stock knob, and the difference is incredible.... The trans mount and knob were things I didn't think would make much of a difference, but they honestly completed the setup.

shaggy 09-22-2010 03:34 PM

as far as warranty goes, you're just gonna have to decide if you wanna mod or keep the full warranty. it's one or the other. subaru dealers love to see modified subies, but they hate paying for labor and parts. if you've got thousands of dollars to spend on upgrades, just make sure you also have enough money to not worry about keeping a warranty.

mosc 09-22-2010 03:38 PM

Sports car warranties should be taken with a grain of salt. Dealerships will often claim abuse even if it's totally stock. Also, they're not all going to directly associate a problem with a mod you've done. Don't assume if you leave it stock you're covered and don't assume that if you modify, you're not. Neither are true.

Beket 09-22-2010 04:21 PM

ive oogled parts too much to stay stock at this point... its just a matter of when at this point...
been talking to the guys at perrin. im lucky enough to live like an hour and a half away from em so ill go pick stuff up and save shipping! nice guys super fast responses to my questions and all around great customer service experience so far.

im pretty excited :)

Beket 09-22-2010 04:30 PM

oh and for what its worth. you all deserve a call out too. its nice to be the new guy with noobie questions and get intelligent and prompt responses. thanks everyone :)

when i pick up whatever it is i decide to pick up ill show it off.

current thing on the list is a perrin turboback exhaust and AP with perrins map for said setup

im gonna try out there short throw equivalent cause its inexpensive and i can always ebay it or what not if i decide to go full on short throw later.

and probably gonna pick up their links and sway bar kit.


Beket 09-23-2010 02:44 AM

i haven't purchased anything yet... this is part of the me getting educated before purchasing. i intend to fill out stage 2 and not go past.

as of yet. doing a LOT of forum trolling and talking to a few local folks i have heard very little negative about perrin products, and what negative i have heard all seemed easily attributed to improper installation or use.

having said that. if you have some posts that i can read that are more then "perrin sux lawl idiot use brand X" ide be happy to read up.

I am in no way set on perrin products but i've had good interactions with them and heard generally favorable things before your post. they seemed to offer the product i was looking for to take my car to the level i wished while staying with 1 manufacture which i would prefer. also they are local for me which i like.

but if there is truly a large trend with bad quality control or design please point me in the direction of some pertinent reading material.

also i don't intend to buy anything on ebay. i was merely stating that if i decided to go a different rout down the road, any product i purchased i could always resell.

mosc 09-24-2010 12:25 AM

[color=red]A friendly reminder that shop bashing is against the rules of this forum. Posts removed


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