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Meth/water injection questions?

I will be the owner of a 09/10 WRX very soon, and I am very interesting in getting over 300 HP. the stock turbo on the 09 is a VF52 and I plan on sticking with the stock power, although I am aware that my limit my power options. I will get all supporting mods (intake, exhaust, up pipe, down pipe, and a Blow off Valve) and when i go to get tuned, I would love to have a meth injection kit as well. however, I do have some questions in regards to this.

1.) this will be my daily driver, and I am currious about how much water/meth you would go through in an average week. I guess the easiest way to relate would be in comparison to a gas tank fill up which is about 250 miles, how much meth/water would you go through in the same period?

I would prefer to get a rather large tank, so I can go a while without filling it up. is there any way to be notified when the tank is running low? Like a LED or something?

2.) mounting. their isnt much room under the hood of the 09 WRX. a crammed 2.5L and turbo/top mount in there. Have you seen these instaled on an 09, and if so where would you usually mount the tank / pump?

3.) Tank location, do any of you have WRX's with meth injection, and if so, where did you put your tank? Is it safe to run the tank from the trunk? Also, is there like a warning LED or something on some of the kits that will tell you when you are running low, and or if their is a meth/water shortage?

4.) how reliable is this for normal day to day driving? Like, would it be safe to assume the pump would last as long as the stock fuel pump, aka once I set it up, and make sure I fill it, i dont need to worry about the pump dieing 2 years down the road? Also, how often should the nozzles be checked/cleaned and when doing this, is getting air in the tube an issue?

4.) I was reading on another post here about it needing good power to make sure everything stays in tip top shape. If I have a 1000w RMS amplifier and subwoofer, and my base is hitting, is there any way this could effect or harm the use of the meth inj/pump.?

5.) as technically inclinded as I may be, something like this install i would probably want to leave to the professionals. Any idea on ETA of an install, so I could gauge the cost of installation?

anything else you think I should know before treading this path?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out with my questions
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Start looking at kits and everything. There are so many different companies, i.e. devils own, snow. They make kits that have all all kits of fail safes, warning light. You need to have some type of EM with this also. Most kits I have seen have been ran from the trunk. Im one that wont go for fake or temporary power so I dont know much else on it.

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Yea, i've been looking at them. Just they dont answer a lot of the questions I have above. Ive been looking at the AEM kit, cause its one of the better priced ones, and clearly states low level warning is one of the things it will alert you too. Also, the 5 gallon tank looks boss

Ya, I was reading about how it says it can cut timing/boost, so I also want to ask that, how do you have to tie it in to make that happen?

also, is it safe to just buy distilled water and windshield washer fluid, and use that in a 49/51 mix? I dont see the point in buying 4 gallons of special brew for 30 bucks, when I can buy the ingredients myself for about 10 bucks.
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I'm pretty sure you can get where you want with injector, fuel pump, IC and a tune. (not to mention standard TBE and K&N etc)

check this out LINKY


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Ya ill admit, meth injection is pretty hard core, but i figure if I am gonna do it I mine as well do it right? Figure it would add some protection to the car, as it keeps all the parts running cooler because of the water. Less heat, less wear and worry.

a top mount would be the same price, and i think there would be more headroom with the meth. the only drawback is I would need to fill her up, but its the equiv of running race gas 24/7 which would = huge HP gains.

Ya I was reading that post you linked too earlier today. Definately nice. The 300+ HP was on 100 octane. So its the equiv of running meth

as long as I can get it done right, I dont mind. Im looking at it as the tune/up/down will void my warranty anyway, so mine as well go all out and get the meth. I will get tuned with and without it and keep both maps and if I needed to remove the meth I could and just load up the non meth'd tune.

figure w/

intake $250
up P $200
down P $200
Magnaflow catback $550
AEM meth/water kit $ 400
Tune $ 500

2100 dollars total

I would be @ 320 WHP and 320+ TQ which is where I wanna be.

any word on the meth mix question above?
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