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McBaine 01-17-2014 10:46 AM

DP and heat blanket
Thinking of replacing my stock DP (13 WRX hatch) with the Cobb DP. Im curious if the stock heat blanket will fit on the larger Cobb DP. Is an up graded heat blanket advisable in this situation?

Sub14WRX 01-17-2014 11:00 AM

I am not 100% sure, ill try to do some digging.

First thing that comes to mind, do you already have an Accessport?
You are def going to need a tune once you put a DP on your car.

If you don't care about inspection, make sure you go Un Catted.
If you care about inspection, get catted.. you just won't make as much power when you get tuned.

arewmors 01-17-2014 11:02 AM

The stock one will work with some simple modification. Here is a link of a easy DIY stock heat shield mod. I know myself and another forum member did this and followed this link before for a guide. Save yourself some money with this. I too have a cobb dp which worked fine with the mod.
Most aftermarket heat heat shields are more for looks than function.


Andy - 12 WRB WRX
Tuned by Innovative Tuning
294 AWHP / 311 TQ

McBaine 01-17-2014 11:17 AM

The Cobb AP is already in the mail, and I would prefere a catted DP. (Heard about boost spikes occuring with non-catted) Looking at cobb's heat shield seems a decent way to go as I don't really care to deal with modding my stock one to fit the bellmouth. Im more concerned about heat soak from the cobb DP.

arewmors 01-17-2014 11:53 AM

Yes catted dp is the way to go.
Cobb heat shield will be close to useless then if you're concerned about heat soak. You would be better off going with a modified stock heat shield IMO. The Cobb shield is more for looks than protecting from heat.

Andy - 12 WRB WRX
Tuned by Innovative Tuning
294 AWHP / 311 TQ

boo-key 01-17-2014 04:55 PM

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Yep, like Andy said...stock modded, turbo blanket, or both are the 3 best. All the rest are mostly just bling. Some do fit over the stock one though if you want the eye candy.

I modded my stock one also ;)

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