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Wutangjn12 01-10-2010 03:47 PM

08 wrx Fuel pump upgrade
i plan on upgrading my stock fuel pump to a walbro 255, but am curious as to what i actually need. obviously the fuel pump, but some come with an install kit. do i need an install kit?

would [url=]Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump (DSM / Evo / WRX & STi) - Modern Automotive Performance[/url] be suffice?

or [url=]Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump & Installation Kit (DSM / Evo / WRX & STi) - Modern Automotive Performance[/url]

also, i heard that i have to cut the casing to make it fit. anyone have any experience upgrading their fuel pump.

p.s. plan on getting a vf52

newtothegame 01-10-2010 08:26 PM

I just bought the pump and installed it. Just need a couple zipties. Get in contact with Boost Addict as he is on his 3rd turbo (including stock) and how he went about it.

VD5505 01-10-2010 08:44 PM

When they say Kit all that means is that it comes with a wire harness for different make and models of cars, that Walbro pump with fit A LOT of different cars, Once you buy the pump all you will have to do is just unplug the stock one and put this one in and thats it. Be careful where you buy that Walbro pump, there is another company out there that makes cheap China ones and once you put them in they will Hum really loud and not last long at all, so make sure you get it from a well known place, No EBAY. Just remember NEVER GO CHEAP ON CAR PARTS!!! Not worth doing twice to just save a buck.

Burd@MAP 01-19-2010 10:27 AM

Thanks for the links to our website! The high pressure fuel pump is what your going to want to go after. You don't have to get an install kit because there really isn't one for your car as you have to do some modifications. But I recommend it because it comes with a new filter sock and the clip to hold it on. Which you should be able to use once you modify the hanger.

Let me know if your interested in getting one! Shoot us a pm!


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