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Yo im new

Hey what up everyone I'm new here and am just giving a shoot out.
I drive a 2002 silver wrx wagon, stock at the moment but working on my mod list
so if any one has suggestions hit me up

heres what I'm looking at

Want to hear people feelings this is what im looking to do/ buy so if you have it or know of a good place to buy feel free to pm me. Looking to do one at a time but not really sure the order
Also thinking about de-badging

Good set of snow/ all weather tires for stock rims
A catless up pipe something like the crucial.
a catless down pipe. seperated waste gate (also can some one explain the waste gate to me)
A quiteish cat back exhaust
Cobb accessport V1, or some help with open source
Sway set. something similar to the hotchkis extreme set
gauges boost and EGT
a bigger scoop
short shifter
maybe struts or ill do that off ebay.
shift knob

thanks and feel free to hit me up with what ever I'm definitely a newbie so any info helps.

stock 02 wagon
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check out my wheel/tire faq in the handling information for good tire choices.

Here's some info I wrote in another post that will help you:

Originally Posted by mosc
Yeah, there's lots of threads on this but I'll give you a summary. EDIT: Also, I realized this requires a knowledge of what a wastegate is so I'll start with that.

A wastegate is a valve that re-directs exhaust flow from going through the turbo. This is how your car regulates boost. At maximum PSI, it will re-direct some of the exhaust gas around the turbo so that it doesn't continue to spool. Wastegates then generate a seperate exhaust stream from the main turbo exhaust. Turbos can either be externally gated or internally gated. If the gate is internal, than a bypass flow path is built into the turbo itself (this style is stock on a WRX).

Turbos have two different outputs. The turbo outlet on your WRX is internally gated (meaning inside the turbo) so the backside of the turbo has two wholes for exhaust. The turbo itself has the main opening but there's also a whole where the wastegate dumps out.

The stock WRX downpipe is very crappy, it just has a flat plate connection and then a tube going down. Particularly the wastegate exhaust has trouble flowing straight out of the turbo. This can cause a decent sized power bottleneck.

A Bellmouth design just creates a larger funnel to more gradually and evenly merge the two exhaust streams. Since the WRX is still a 4-cylander anyway, it's usually more than sufficent to milk out the performance gains.

Divorced wastegate means the pipe is actually separate. It has separate exhaust pipes that run from the wastegate and the turbo. This is kinda silly on an internally gated turbo but for bigger turbos that require external gating, it is almost required. The wastegate exhaust pipe and main exhaust pipe are then either run to two separate places (dump pipe) or merged again somewhere further down the exhaust to minimize turbulence from combining streams.
Bellmouth is what you want for any internally gated turbo.

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yea stay with the bellmouth cause the external wastegate really isn't efficient unless your gettin nasty like above a 20 g. the wastegate is a bypass for the exhaust gasses to pass the turbo rather than spooling it. thats why when you are at 1/4 throttle their is no boost cause the waste gate is open and is allowing the gasses to easily flow through and noit spool. when you get to half throttle their is more gass coming through and some is through waste gate and the extra spools up turbo.
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