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blue03scooby 04-11-2009 06:40 PM

new to the subie world and have a few questions.
just recently bought me a blue 2003 wrx. it was a repo and i got it at a good price. the person who had it before me had alot of work done to it. but took off alot of it before it got reposed. everything he took off he replaced with the stock parts. except the cams witch was ###### to much work for him. the clutch, and the turbo mod he did to it. im not sure what mod he did to it but it boosts around 20 psi. is that normal for a stock turbo? i was under the impression stock turbos only put out 13-15 psi. since i got the car i have done some work to it. i put a turbo back 3 inch exhaust w/o a cat. brembo rotors, braided steel brake lines, front and rear 22mm perrin sway bars, stage 2 exedy clutch, new gearset in a completely refurbished tranny, and a cobb short throw shifter. it came with cobb lowering spring but i plan on replacing them with h&r adjustable coilovers. the motor will be being rebuilt in the next couple of months to handle the horsepower i want out of this car along with a turbo upgrade. should i put a FMIC on it or will i be ok with bigger TMIC like i wanna do from perrin? im looking to get arround 600 hp out of this car. i know it can be done with the proper internals. any suggestions? take a look at my car and let me know what you think i always like hearing what people think of my car. keep it real.

VD5505 04-11-2009 06:54 PM

UMMMMM WOW!!! That is alot of info at once. First off does the car have any type of engine management right now? What type of cams does he have in the car? 20psi can be done with the stock TD04 with a tune but should it be? prob not, Second. what type of gear sets did you put in the tranny? If they are stock replacement or RA gear sets i would stay with the stock clutch set up or you will be replacing the gears again. As for you wanting to rebuild the engine waste of money and time for the 2.0 and you would throw to much money into that 2.0 to get that high of hp you are wanting. Go with a hybrid setup STI short block and WRX heads, there are posts on here on how and what to do with the hybrid engines. Then if you go with a STI short block buy some better rods and forged pistons, and have your heads gone threw and P&P the heads and exhaust manifolds as well. Do some more reading on this website about how you should tackle such a project you are wanting to do.

blue03scooby 04-11-2009 07:10 PM

lol yea it is. i work nights here in iraq and im all hopped up on coffee lol. i dont have any engine management right now. dont know what type of cams that are in it either never met the guy who had it before me . got the car from a dealership who buys reposesed cars. when i got the car i had a boost gauge installed and it pushes 20psi. not the inlet hose is not stock so that makes me believe there is something done to the turbo. and the gearsets are aftermarlet not stock replacements. now my car is in california at a local subaru shop called DB TUNED in roseville cali. this guy is a subaru guru. he is doing all the work on my car. my mom takes it to him when he e-mails me and says he has new parts in for my car. i havent asked hom what gearset he put in. now i did read on here bout the sti block with the wrx heads. i did something similar to that with my old toyota wheelin truck. i put 20r heads on a 22r block and liked the way that performed. havent gotten to the engine part of my car yet and havent discussed it with paul the owner of DB TUNED but im sure that is what he is gonna suggest. i planned on better rods and pistons.

VD5505 04-11-2009 07:19 PM

how much money did you pay for the different gears? Just seems weird you would buy this car and they say there are cams in it and there is no EM for the car, I would really look into this car. What do you do over in Iraq?

blue03scooby 04-11-2009 07:40 PM

he quoted me 2200 for the aftermarket gearset. he didnt specify what that entailed. i bought the car from a dealership that buys reposesed cars. the dealership didnt even really know what this car was i bought it for 11 grand with 80,000 miles. i know i was gonna be deploying shortly after buying it so i drove it home to cali and left it with my mom then i contacted DB TUNED and told Paul what i wanted dome to the car. he then drove the car and looked over the whole thing. he told what it had done to it already and what he thinks i should do to it in order to get it ready to do autocross racing. he said the engine sounds like it has cams. the turbo does not sound stock. it doesnt matter to me what is on the car now but what will be in and on the car in the next 7-8 months. this is my second tour to iraq and i am in infantry soldier in the 1st Cavalry Division living by sadr city right now. with the amount of money i make when im deployed as do most deployed single soldiers alot of the money i make goes to parts for my car.

newtothegame 04-11-2009 07:48 PM

If you are looking for 600 AWHP you will NEED the FMIC, and a nice rotated turbo, but that setup seems excessive for an auto-x car, IMHO. The price of the gearset sounds like an RA set, better than stuck, but no where near capable of holding 600 HP. Like state though, a hybrid build sounds right up your alley for your goal. Stay safe over there, waiting for my turn again also. Keep us posted on the build also. Good luck with it.

VD5505 04-11-2009 07:56 PM

I'm in the Navy and stationed out here in Virginia Beach at EOD unit 2. I love my job and get to travel and go to weird places alot, I'm trying to get a long deployment to Bahrain right now. Just keep searching and doing alot of reading on the options you have for you WRX and the CORRECT build up.

blue03scooby 04-11-2009 07:57 PM

only reason i didnt want a FMIC is the work it requires but who cares im not doing it anyways lol. i want that much HP not only for auto-x but for speed. i plan on doing more with it than just auto-x. looking to do some curcuit and some drag. i will keep you posted on the build no worries there and i will defantly be safe. im out after this deployment gotta make it home to drive the new

newtothegame 04-11-2009 08:02 PM

I understand not wanting a FMIC either. I will always stick to a TMIC, but my ambitions arent near as high as yours, lol. Again, best of luck with the build and the deployment. We are here to help as best we all can. By the way welcome to the club and I think not a bad pick up on the car either.

blue03scooby 04-11-2009 08:09 PM

tango mike. i didnt want one ### i was orrigannly gonna do most of my work till i met this guy but what the hell let him do it lol. thanks for the help. and thanks for the compliment.

newtothegame 04-11-2009 08:19 PM

I know how you feel about wanting to do it yourself. But not even being the same country as your car makes it difficult. I would like to do more of my work myself cause it does save some money. But end up being in the same boat as you. If you got a good mechanice/tuner though, thats really good.

blue03scooby 04-11-2009 08:23 PM

very true. i did all the work on my old integra and that just took up too much of my time. granted i love working on cars i went to universal technical institute and got my certification there but then joined the army shortly afterwards. and didnt even become a mechanic. went infantry instead. lol. but this guy workin on it now knows what he is doing and only works on subies.

VD5505 04-12-2009 06:30 AM

Is he taking pics for you at all or anything just so you can see how it is going?

blue03scooby 04-12-2009 01:46 PM

yea he is all the pics on my profile are from him. he took them after he did the brakes and sway bars. right now it is in pieces because he is doing the transmision and clutch.

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