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devyn339 04-12-2013 07:45 AM

New to the site 12 sti 472 whp
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Wanted to intpduce myself to the site,
Currently drive a 12 swp limited sti , 472 whp 426 ft lbs. I'm from nepa and love to see and meet other Subaru guys !
Here's a few pictures of my car and the progress of the first gr wire tuck ,

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the RIOT act 04-12-2013 07:54 AM

Well I'll be the first today in jealous! Lol..welcome to the board Devyn. Your SWP is gorgeous to say the least, and I look forward to seeing your build progress.

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the RIOT act 04-12-2013 07:55 AM

Fill in your mod list on your profile so I can drool please :)

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devyn339 04-12-2013 07:59 AM

Will do as soon as I can figure it out on here lol

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devyn339 04-12-2013 08:02 AM

Mod list
Engine :
Manley pistons and rods
Stock crank
Cosworth 272 cams
Tgv Egr deletes
Mishimoto rad and hose
Blouch dom 3 xtr turbo
Perrin inlet
Perrin fmic

Fuel system:
Injector dynamics 1000cc
Iag fuel rail
Aeromotive high pressure fuel pump
Fuel pressure regulator

Bc br coils
Cusco adjustable lower control arms
Cusco strut bar

Wheels tires :
Work xd9 18,10+18 federal 225/40

Smy cluster dual gauges
Triple pillar pod
Prosport EVO series blue/red
Oil press and temp
Sparco harness bar

Tinted tails
Tinted windows
Led turn signals
Custom painted headlights

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the RIOT act 04-12-2013 08:16 AM

Very nice!

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devyn339 04-12-2013 08:19 AM

Thank you

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mosc 04-12-2013 09:17 AM

Nice car, insanely stupid wheel choice. But each to their own. You wouldn't by chance have measured your turning radius lately have you?

pzr2874 04-12-2013 10:15 AM



mosc 04-12-2013 12:50 PM

Sorry to be an ass but I am genuinely curious what your turning radius would measure out to be. Would be valuable information for explaining how wheel offset, tire width, and suspension geometry relate to handling.

devyn339 04-12-2013 01:00 PM

The wheels and tires are not staying on the car I got the wheels and brand new tires for 1500 I figured for that price ill rock the stretch lol

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mosc 04-12-2013 01:12 PM

[i]Well, if you wouldn't mind terribly taking a very slow turn around an empty parking lot with a big tape measure and some chalk along while you still got em? The roll center is very difficult to calculate from the geometry (it's somewhat force dependent) and very easy to get from measuring the turning radius. Also, I assume you're running like a bananas amount of negative camber?[/i]

EDIT: you probably don't care much about your car's scrub radius. Let me try another way:

Yo dude! Welcome to the forums! I like white cars too!

the RIOT act 04-12-2013 01:36 PM

........nice welcoming party.......

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devyn339 04-12-2013 01:59 PM

Yeah I can't really say I care about the radius lol

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06_hawk_eye 04-12-2013 04:10 PM

Welcome I've seen your car on some of the pa Facebook pages. Looks good man

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