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jesster 04-08-2012 08:00 AM

new here, looking at a car
Hi everyone,

i am looking at an old wrx 94, that is for sale for a reasonable price, the car does have some issues so i thought i'd consult some people who know this about these cars specifically. my knowledge on cars and engines in general is very good and i am capable of doing major work on most vehicles even though due to my location i don't have access to any specialised tools or testing equipment. the car has a very sloppy gear stick which feels just liked some very worn shift linkages and bushes so i assume i can just replace these and sort out that issue, i'd probably do it in conjunction with a short shifter too. the car has an aftermarket exhaust system and a silly loud blow off valve, but other than that is stock. it has the original rims and good tyres and all that. it runs very rich at the moment so one of the things i need to find out is how easy it is to replace the ecu with something that i can remap myself because i live on tiny island where i can't get to a tuners shop. and also it needs a new bonnet scoop.

so the main issues are,

running too rich and therefore its not going to hard at the moment and missing a bit at some throttle positions

sloppy gear linkages

missing bonnet scoop

in general the car drives very well, steering is good, suspension is fine for stock. and the engine ticks over without any nasty mechanical noises.

excuse me for the long post but if anyone can help me with any info that might help me it would be greatly appreciated and also any good sites for parts such as the gear linkages, bonnet scoop, and possibly an adjustable ecu i'd love to hear from you

brfatal 04-08-2012 11:01 AM

I personally would not buy a car where even you notice what's wrong with it. It has some kind of leak or there could be something wrong with the tuning on it and who knows how long it's been that way. Something could be wrong with the transmission as well (what you said wasn't very descriptive).

jesster 04-08-2012 11:40 AM

it certainly does have issues, but i have another car to get me around while this would a be a project car. sorry i am not very good at the whole forum thing yet so i'll try to be more descriptive. the play in the gearstick is side to side, it stick goes into it's gear quite surely but the lever itself can move quite a bit more than it should when its in gear or in neutral. i suppose i should try to find out a bit more on it's history so i can figure out whether i am chasing a problem with bad tuning or if there is a bad sensor or a leak that's throwing out the mixture.

is the side to side play in the gearstick a common problem on these cars? i have driven two recently and both have had a lot of play.

can anyone point me toward a site or a supplier of parts for the older models that can supply australia?

brfatal 04-08-2012 12:15 PM

The only AU shop I even know of that is a shop rather than a manufacturer is Tony Rigoli Performance. I don't know how good of a shop it is though.

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