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Derek13p 07-21-2013 02:29 PM

New Here..
Hey all, my name is Derek. I'm trading my MS3 for a Saab 9-2x Aero which from what I learned so far is a WRX wagon with a few STI parts on it.
Getting the car for a good deal and so I'm cutting my debt in more than half.
I am coming from an amazing forum with a great community that pushes the boundaries and limits of the Mazda platform and I really hope to find the same thing here.
I have a high respect for both platforms and I am looking forward to some awd goodness.
Live in central Texas between Austin and San Antonio where it is hot as hellllll.
For mods I am looking at basic bolt ons at first then an upgrade in the fuel system so I can run e85, then after that maybe a rotated turbo system.

pzr2874 07-21-2013 03:35 PM

Welcome... Is it a Convertible? If so, buy a hat

Ohhh, it's the wagon? reading > me

arewmors 07-21-2013 04:25 PM

Welcome! Post some pictures. :D

turmic 07-21-2013 04:37 PM


06_hawk_eye 07-21-2013 04:37 PM

Welcome to the site. Ask away with questions.

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man show 07-21-2013 08:53 PM


BLAZE2099 07-22-2013 12:57 PM

You coming back?
If so, welcome aboard.
What forum you coming from? If its msforums, this one is a tad different to say the least.
Paul can speak better to this.... Haha, I trolled there for a minute tho.., haha

pzr2874 07-22-2013 01:04 PM

Derek is good local folk from MSF Randy... I don't believe he's ever had a boxer before.

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