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RHD01WRX 09-27-2013 03:04 PM

New Guy with a sweet ride
Hello WRX/STI drivers around the world. Name's Peter, currently stationed in Germany, and the proud owner of a 2001 WRX that is RHD. I love it, and really hope I can bring it back to the states with me. My 2 biggest flaws though, learning to drive the car to it's potential, and I know nothing on how the car works. Willing to learn, but if I pop the hood all I see is metal that could potentially be hot. So if i post a stupid question, I apologize in advance. Looking forward to fun drives and fun times.

LW_Black4 09-27-2013 03:16 PM

Welcome Peter. There are no stupid questions. This forum's got plenty of information and some very knowledgeable members.

Why don't you share some pictures?

psinuse 09-27-2013 04:39 PM

2001...Nice. Well the best way to learn to drive a car is find an empty lot and toss it around, slowly at first then learn how the car handles. As you get use to it you will start to get a "feel" for it and will be able to deal with different driving situations. Modifying them on the other hand, well that takes some time and learning your way around a car in general.
This should get you started to learn how and engine works...
[url=]HowStuffWorks "Internal Combustion"[/url]

sleepr 09-27-2013 08:15 PM

Welcome! Is this your first RHD car? If so, how awkward is it to shift with your left hand?

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