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ScoobyDooby 04-03-2010 02:44 PM

Hello from California
Hey everyone! My names Andrew and i just became a proud member of the subaru community! I must say i love it already. I've had my 02' wrx for bout 3weeks now and not one time have I drove past another subi owner and not gotten a hello, thumbs up. or head nod. Iv always been in love with the bugeye but it hasnt been until recently that I was able to afford one. lol well enough rambling on or Ill talk for days! My car is currently stock but i do have an APS exhaust turbo back and the COBB Accessport. Iv been doing alot of searching and decided i dont really want that aps id rather the blitz nur spec r so my aps is up for grabs. ill be posting that in the for sale section w/ pics soon. And finally if someone could ### hold me by the hand and point me in the direction of learning how to use the AP, and maybe a little guideline to tuning the 02 wrx, and also where i can learn all the other subi acronyms ### iv seen alot and i dont really know them. I am not neccesarily new to tuning, but my experiance comes from the world of nissan. lol i was just about to put in a pic of my subi but i just realized i dont know how so if someone could help me with that too! thx and hi again~! ps sry if i made and newb mistakes

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