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SUB-Z3RO 09-22-2013 02:19 AM

2008 WRX in Germany
Hello everyone I'm new to the forum and Subaru I have been looking into the WRX and STI for sometime now but was never sure if it was the right car for me. However my friend that is stationed about 1 hour away from me has had his WRX for awhile and I find my self drooling over it every time I get near it. So I recently found a 2008 WRX sedan with the following mods already done to it:

Perrin catback Dual exhaust
Perrin 3 inch stainless downpipe
Perrin Equal length headers
Perrin Top feed fuel rails
Cobb up pipe
Tial 46mm external waste gate
VF-52 Turbocharger
AVO top mount intercooler
AEM cold air intake
Turbo Smart eboost controller
Cobb Access-port v2
Stage 2 racing clutch
Whiteline front and rear swaybars with KArtboy endlinks

The car only has about 41K miles on it currently and was originally tuned in Austin, Texas by MZM International. So I will need to do some research and will probably need help to tune it for the lower temperatures here in Germany. The guy I am purchasing it from told me not to switch the eboost controller to setting 2 unless it was above 75 degrees which he has never had it in setting 2 anyway. I plan on in the near future installing some lowering springs until I have the spare cash to throw some coil-overs on this bad buggy! I also eventually want to get a big brake kit from Brembro and if anyone else has ideas or suggestions to make this car even better for the track I'm all ears! I mostly run on the Nurburgring and want to visit other tracks around Europe while I am here.

I think I will be super happy with this car and I am looking forward to learning this platform. It is not only the first Subaru I have ever owned but the first Japanese import as well.

BLAZE2099 09-22-2013 11:29 AM

Sounds steel man, only thing I would change is the boost controller. It would be in your best interest to get a 3 port ebcs and a tune.
Our cars don't like the boost messed with without the help of the ECU. By switching it, it won't be learning it. Therefore the tune from the AP will not apply with correct air/fuel supplement.

I'd like to see some pics tho.

Welcome to the forum

SUB-Z3RO 09-22-2013 01:55 PM

Ahhh ok thanks, I will look into that. Also isn't there a way I can pull info from the car and send it to Cobb for them to create a tune or am I mistaken? Would it achieve what I need it to?

I'll get some pics up sometime soon I hope, the car doesn't have any cosmetic work at the moment I wan't to focus on getting coil overs and breaks first, but I'll take some pics of what mods I do have.

BLAZE2099 09-22-2013 02:06 PM

Your referring to data logging, yes and it doesn't need to be Cobb. With your mods it would be fairly simple for a tuner to send you a map. Just because your not crazy past stock and they have maps from other tunes saved on their shelf. But yea, Cobb could do it.
This is out of my field though, so I'll let someone else chime in a bit further;)

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