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EricW 07-26-2011 03:15 PM

Rally West Virginia - your help needed! August 12-13, Snowshoe, WV
Hey folks!

Rally WV is just around the corner and it's looking to be an awesome event this year hosted at Snowshoe Resort in Snowshoe, WV. The last time the rally was run occurred in 2008 in Elkins, WV, so the volunteer base is a little soft because momentum has been lost. Well what can you do?


We need you to come out and help out! Get an awesome seat right on stage, meet the drivers, codrivers, and riders. Hang out and have awesome parties with all of the rally folks. Take lots of great photos. Commit lots of great things to memory.

Oh, and there will be some memories. The rally is a car-breaker with some crazy offs. Check out this pic from 2007:

How can you help out? Register to volunteer at [url][/url]

All of the event information is on the main Rally West Virginia site at [url=]Rally Racing, Rally West Virginia Home[/url] but the meat and potatoes:

Rally: August 12-13.
Where: Snowshoe, WV
Website: [url=]Rally Racing, Rally West Virginia Home[/url]

To sweeten the deal, I'll be glad to lend out the floor of my rockin' rally mansion that I've rented for the weekend free-of-charge to the first 7 people that commit. What does that get you? Digs with the Dirty Rallysport (Wages/Ciascai), USUK Racing(Wright/Wright), and possibly even Quantum Motorsport (Wimpey/Wimpey) and their crews. Which means free beer for you! (Small print: First-come first-serve.)

So sign up, and come on out. We need you guys to volunteer or the race won't happen! We do it FOR the volunteers, but can't do it without them either!

For more info, feel free to email me at ewages at gmail dot com


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