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zmanoside 02-29-2008 06:08 PM

Racing tomorrow launching/trny?'s stg 2
Hey. Ya, going racing tomorrow, quarter mile @ Kinston dragway, NC. I went once allready stock and pulled 14.2's and 3's. Just went stg 2 2 days ago and read this yesterday or day before by Longshot.


I dint use this technique last time and definatley smelled clutch. Is this technique better for both the tranny and clutch? And how risky is it to run the 1/4 stage2 tranny wise? I'm just trippin a little and dont want to break her. Oh ya any octane booster rec's? And should I even attempt at using the launch control? I saw the video on how u set it...but I still dont get how you use it...So when that map is loaded your cruise control is now your launch control??

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