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RedefinedWRX 04-14-2007 06:45 AM

Racing at Cordova IL today, Stage 2 07 TR
Well I am hitting up Cordova IL Dragway Park today. Should be fun. 50 degrees out today, cloudy, and the rain missed us. I am hitting up the track with the following mods:

Helix Bellmouth DP
Magnaflow 3" JDM Style CBE
TurboXS Intake
Apexi Cold Air Box
Ingalls Stiffy Engine Mount
Utec Delta (Set to stage 2)

and I also have a B&M Short Throw Shifter.

Is there anything I should expect. I am hoping for low 13's or possibley high 12's. Do you think this is possible? I have raced many times before, but this is the first time with my WRX. Any tricks, anything diffrent than racing my Talon TSI? I have a cooler full of ice for my intercooler and I am stoaked full of energy. I did a few practice launches in my works parking lot yesterday, tires still spinnin in the front, but the rears are diggin in. (This was on blacktop also and it was about 40 outside.) Should I miss the water box, or do a burnout. I am plannin to launch between 4000 and 4500rpm. Rev just a tad into redline with the UTEC being programmed. And I am running 93 octane with a half of a tank, and I have dumped two things of the Lucas octane booster in the tank, one when this tank was full, and one at a half of a tank. Should I do anything else?

RedefinedWRX 04-14-2007 05:43 PM

Well I will post up my actual time slip later, but I ran a 13.6 at like 98mph. So that was not too shabby for my first time out. And my 60fts were like 1.88's

JOHNYCAMP 04-14-2007 05:50 PM

don't use octane booster in your 07. As for your times , that is a pretty good job in a TR with those mods. Most of those cars run around the 15sec mark at my strip bone stock. That is a huge improvement.

RedefinedWRX 04-14-2007 09:34 PM

Dont use octane booster? Why? I use the Lucas stuff and the car runs awesome!

Anyway here is my actual time slip:

R/T .538
60' 1.888
330 5.563
1/8 8.679
MPH 80.09
1000 11.354
1/4 13.632
MPH 99.46

My reaction time was not awesome, but I did not care, I was racing another 07 TR with just CBE, and he ran a 14.504 at 95.31.

kh15 04-15-2007 12:12 AM

not to change the subject but what is an Apexi Cold Air Box?

RedefinedWRX 04-15-2007 07:37 AM

It is basically like the Heat Shield you can get from Subaru for your intake. But this one goes over the top of it also. It eliminates any place for heat to get in and only gives an opening in the fender wall and directley up front for air to blow in. It also moves the coolent lines on top of it to keep that heat out also. I will try and take a picture later today of it. But my intake temps were a good 30 - 40 degrees cooler than my engine temps. I also stuck an ice pack up there between runs. Seemed to help out a bit.

Here is a vid of one of my faster runs, it is not my fastest, but my wife did not know I was running again when I made my 13.6 pass and was in the bathroom untill after I was in the water box. So she did not have enough time to set up and film.


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