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BC_Girl 04-06-2008 08:17 AM

Opening Day At The Track !!!
Opening day was yesterday, beautiful weather, 62 degrees and sunny and a perfect breeze to cool the cars....I smoked my best time and the car's best time from last year.
My best reaction time was .5399. My best run was also my best 60ft time, 2.2380, my 1/8 mile time was 9.6960, and my best time was 15.0200:rocks:
It beats my 15.4 time from last season and my husband ran a 15.1 last season. :p
However, I had a terrible reaction time that time it was 1.359.

baller_v24 04-06-2008 09:18 AM

well it's good that you're improving but u need to shave about a second off your time. that .5339 is pretty good reaction although it doesn't affect your actual time. practice that launch, slip the clutch and get that 60ft under 2 seconds. your car has more in it.

happy racing

BC_Girl 04-06-2008 09:21 AM

How much can I slip the clutch before I start having problems with it? I did 7 runs yesterday, I think my launch is getting better, but I'm waiting too long to start, I keep waiting for green and I know I should go on the second yellow.
Also, if I get my reaction time down will it improve my 60ft time?

baller_v24 04-06-2008 09:47 AM

Also, if I get my reaction time down will it improve my 60ft time?[/QUOTE]

nope. your time counts when your tires leave the staging line. reaction time is mainly for like bracket racing and so the timeslips will declare the winner whoever crosses the finish line first and not who has the best time. if your like me when i go run at the track it's only to improve my time and definetely not to try to beat cars, well except when a bunch of our buddies go together and i also leave on the second yellow that way your moving on green. your 60 ft times are in your launch and your first shift. ill try to find the link for u to read to help you out on how to launch


read post #3 by longshot

BC_Girl 04-06-2008 10:16 AM

Yeah, I've read that, thanks though. I've been working on it and I just need more practive, I have a difficult time holding my foot steady @ 3000rpms....but I do and then I hit 5000 and launch, I think I've got the idea with the launch I just need to start moving on the 2nd yellow instead of waiting for green, but I get so caught up in my launch that I forget to pay attention to the .53 reaction time I took off on the second yellow. I just gotta get used to the tree. They have a "midnight madness" in May where they will use a pro tree and I plan to run in that....the pro tree is so much faster though and that will be a challenge in itself.

baller_v24 04-06-2008 12:11 PM

yea that pro tree F%#ks me up. i always mess up my launch because your trying to go as soon as u see it and i mess up all that concentrating it takes for that good launch. fun though

BC_Girl 04-06-2008 12:53 PM

Luckily for me I still have 7 weeks to practice....just not on a pro tree. Well, thanks for the help, I'll keep at it.

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