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Ludachris 11-20-2005 11:56 AM

No more Street Racing threads please
Since nobody seems to have respected our request to cut back on the street racing threads...

I've watched all the recent threads posted in this forum and they're all focused mainly on street racing. I had asked people to cut down on this, but they keep popping up. This forum is for "track" talk. Not street racing talk. Please, no more accounts of a past street race, and when asking about whether your car can beat another, please at least make it sound like the race will take place at a drag strip. Make references to timeslips and not street races.

If you need to know if your car can beat another car, go to the strip and get your timeslip. Ask the other guy for his and you'll then know if you can beat him or not. It's that easy. The timeslips don't lie. We'll likely start locking or deleting threads that are about street racing.

Thanks guys. Here's why we don't like street racing threads:

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