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Team Dream 02-26-2007 02:37 PM

my track times
Well I have been reading through some of the track time treads and how come all of the rexs with stage 2 and some even more are running in the 14's and high 13's. I have ran my car with just tbx and intercooler with no em and ran 13.6 @ around 98mph consistantly and with em and no protune just my street tuning with wideband I am running consistant 13.3's @ 100mph with nothing higher than a 1.85 60ft. I have run a best of 13.1 @ 103mph with a 1.68 60ft. My question is why is my car so fast? I know i am a pro driver well semi pro but I come from the Honda world of drag racing. Some people give me some insight. And this is on 4 times out to the track. But I am consistantly running 13.3s and some 13 4's when I get timing pull but the car is a monster. I have beat every STi that I have run that is stage 1-2 and I have run 1.59 is my best 60ft. I have ran a 1.64 with no launch control. So give me some insight. I have so much top end. 07 Wagon!

ohhNOwrx 02-26-2007 04:36 PM

You did not beat an STI with stage 1 or 2 in fact you cant beat a stock sti. You can get a decent time if you beat the living hell out of your car on the track. When i took my wrx to the track it was stage 1 and my best time was 13.7 but a day after i was without a transsmision that's what will you be. I was droping it at 6k and it was fun til it lasted. Why ppl here run high 13s low 14s is because they dont want to brake their gears and be broke because they have to drop some serious money to upgrade their tranny, they are being smart unlike me when i took my car to the track.

mxboy15u 02-26-2007 04:38 PM

Nice times...and incredible 60 foot! Whats your launch technique?

wrxman420 02-26-2007 05:29 PM

+1 Most people here don't want to blow there transmission, and you are getting better times because your wrx has a 2.5L engine. Most wrx's on this site still have the 2.0L.

silversurf 02-26-2007 06:27 PM

I second what wrxman said. The newer WRX's have the 2.5 motor which gives you more torque to get down track a bit quicker. The newer WRX's are quicker than the older 2.0 liter cars. Your 60' are outstanding I'de also like to know how your launching the car. I have managed a few 1.7 60 foots. I average 1.8 though.

Team Dream 02-27-2007 04:35 PM

I would build boost up with no launch control for about 10 seconds by reving the car hard close to red line then I would let the car creep to second ambur while still reving hard and one last rev right before droping the clutch at around 4500rpms. With launch control I found that 4800 is about perfect to launch from, I get a good amount of wheel spin, and I spin going into second not just a chirp but actual wheel spin because the car gets a little squirly, but sometimes I am really squirly off the line, usually my 1.7 1.8 60fts are the squirly ones. I also have gone through the water box and did a little luanch to the line, helps to get just a little more wheelspin which is needed to not bog down. I am luanching with 14.5psi in first and I am running 16.5 the rest of the way. I have a lot of timing and fueling to work out though, but I will break 12's on stock turbo, I can probably max out the efficency of the turbo around 19.5psi and dry ice on the intercooler, should allow me to run more timing. I ran dry ice last time out and was running some pretty radical timing in the topend, I held 14+ at redline and corrected alttitude was 3600ft. So pretty shitty air. I am new to Utec but I am a AEM tuner, and Hondata tuner along with a couple others. But my goal is to run 12.7 on stock turbo because from what I have researched it is impossible without nitrous or something along those lines. if you would like some more info keep this going I want some good info.
PS. anyone that has a 06-07 make sure you don't ever take off in 3rd from a stand still, :beatentod I broke 3rd gear in front of my house because of that, never had a single prob never gorund it or anything, but left the house like normal takeoff around 1300rpms and crack, bye bye trans. The gear ratio is way to long too much for the torque load, the car didn't even go forward at all it just snaped the gear imput and output into peices, both gears have only 9 teeth left combined. the trans is strong as long as you don't apply too much torque in 3rd and maybe forth in low rpms, like full boost dumps or something like that might cause the same thing from 2nd to 3rd at like 3500 to 4500. I normally baby the car. but I am also making 16psi+ at 2600 rpms in 3rd, 4th, and 5th. I did 19.5 @ 2783 on one of my data logs. The car is fun and has a lot of potential. Plus its a wagon, so sleeper. :cool:

mxboy15u 02-27-2007 06:22 PM

Nice man! But I am setting up my launch control right now, and anything below 5500 bogs my car really the differences between a 2.0l and a 2.5l! Sucks about your third gear...go PPG!

WRXKidid775 02-28-2007 01:13 AM

you got him yellin about ppgs again good job ROFL

no but in all seriousness those times are sweet man. those 60s are ridiculous. id break my tranny trying to lauch like that 1-2 in the older rexs are weaker.

keep us posted i know unabomber over on was tryin to max out the stock turbo. i think he got ~260-70 but thats on a 2.0l the 2.5 if you went beserk i bet your right about the 12.7 or atleast get close to it.

mxboy15u 02-28-2007 04:59 AM

Unabomber has only hit 250whp so far...he is currently installing pinks and getting a retune, so we may see that 300whp from it soon.

605wrx 02-28-2007 09:10 AM

great 60fts! interesting read. keep us updated.

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