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wrxtacy19 04-02-2006 06:02 PM

Lowering 60' times..........
Just got back from E-town. My car ran 13.7, my mods are turboback w/ upipe and ecutek flash. My 60' times are what killed me. I posted a 2.0 and 1.9. I wasnt happy with these at all. Id like to get them down to 1.7 or 1.8 and then i think my car will be able to run 13.5 or better. Any advice on lowering 60' times?

WRXtreme 04-02-2006 07:11 PM

You need to be launching better, but that is easier said then done. During the launch does the RPMs drop at all? Did yu get any wheel spin? Also, what were your reaction times.

You could also try removing weight from your car, like spare tire, run 1/4 tank of gas, no windshield wiper fluid. I personally wouldn't go that far, but if you really want lower times it will help.

wrxtacy19 04-02-2006 07:19 PM

i ran with a quater tank of gas. My reation time was .018. My launches are at 5500. no wheel spin

9d2TSi 04-02-2006 09:57 PM

Quicker 1st to 2nd shifts will also help your 60 ft's. I want to say my time in my profile was with a similar 60 (1.95). I need to work on it too. :p

wrxtacy19 04-03-2006 07:18 AM

The track was alot of fun def. wanna do more mods and go down again.

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