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UnknownAlly 12-14-2011 04:29 AM

Launch & Shift Points: 02-05 WRX Stage 2
Last summer I went to the drag strip with a stock 2004 WRX and couldn't break into 15's even. I was stuck at 16's. I shifted about 6500 all gears.

Now I'm stage 2 and planning on going again when drag season comes.

I'm getting a lot better at launching now.
This is what I've been doing at Cobb stage 1 (91 oct):[LIST][*]rev to 4000 rpm[*]wide open throttle[*]feather the clutch (holding it at friction point for .7 seconds)[*]release clutch smoothly all the way[/LIST]I feel I got some pretty good launches this way, but no real data.

At stage 2, I've tried the same thing but it just spins out now. I guess it's a lot more power from stage 1. Any advice?

Also, a BIG QUESTION I've got:
To build boost for launching, is it best to bounce the needle with throttle pumping, or is my current method of holding at 4K and then WOT good enough? It's all I'm used to, and now I'm reading people saying to bounce the rpm.

I know shift points are different for every 2004 WRX since no car is the same, but roughly what are the best shift points for the best 1/4 ET?

Some people say to shift before redline at ## gear because of the power band.
Some people say to shift at redline to fall back into the ideal torque range of the next gear.
Anyone with some good knowledge or real world experience have any tips on this?

Silver Rex02 04-23-2012 11:48 AM

I've noticed with my car (02 wrx stage 2) that it runs the best when I shift around 5900-6100 because once ## past that it's basically a dead area and it's pointless. As long as u shift fairly quick you will fall back into the power band. I have no track data yet but it's pretty obvious to me it runs better this way and my dyno sheet after my protune shows it basically falls on its face right around 5700.

bad grocerygetter 04-23-2012 12:36 PM

You could try the two step feature in the ap. Set it around 3800-4000 and be gentle with the clutch. Shifting at around 6200 on my car. 60 ft time will mean a lot for your run.

Ej207bugeye 03-29-2017 09:16 PM

Ive found for the best launch, i hold the revs at 6000 (roughly) and side step the clutch. Im sure the poor 5 speed wont handle too much of this, but i rarely do it, and havent managed to get down the 1/4 mile yet to test, but if i feather the clutch on launching it takes too long for the turbo to spool up. Redline has been increased to 8500 with the cosworth cams ive got, but im too scared to launch any higher in the rev range.

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