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HogansRex 03-01-2008 01:14 PM

First time at track with my 06
I have an 06 TR with only a Cobb Stage 1 map flash, no other bolt ons. I ran the car for the first time last night and am looking for any thoughts or input. I made 3 runs, and I have no way of scanning the slip. All runs were made at 5K rpm launch with a quick slip of the clutch and shifting very slow after I missed 4th and pegged my tach at 8K+, oh well. 1st run was 13.95 @ 96.06, 60' 1.96, 1/8 8.87. 2nd run 13.99 @ 95.94, 60' 1.95, 1/8 8.90. 3rd run launched closer to how I should have to start with just a quicker slip of the clutch, 14.0 @ 95.04, 60' 1.88 1/8 8.87. It was about 62 degrees and about 50% humidity during these runs and the track is 500ft above sea level. I went with the intention of running no less than a 13.8 @ 98 and a low 1.8 60'. The car is capable of these times and I am clearly not, any thoughts from those who have run as I should have with this set-up. Thank you.

baller_v24 03-01-2008 09:39 PM

hey i see you're in dallas, where is the 1/4 mile track at?

well, i think your times are pretty good for just stage 1, especially for your first time at the track.. if u wanna fine tune your launching try reading post #3 by longshot on this link.

loser05 03-02-2008 09:45 AM

06/07 wrx stocker 1/4 time is a 14.1...... thats from car and driver.

so i would say u did pretty good....

other then that everyone else is going to tell u, u need to practice ## launches

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