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treystoys 10-20-2005 05:27 PM

drag strip...which gear through the lights
Hey guys...

went to the track for the 2nd time with the rex last nite, and came home dissapointed once again, I'm not a newbe to drag racing, a bit newbie to the awd launch average time slips looked like this...

Car is bone stock, about 4500 miles on the clock...

temp in the low 70s, at sea level...

RT .451
60 2.078
330 6.266
1/8th 9.722
mph 70.37
1000 12.77
1/4 15.238
mph 89.32

This is the second outing with similar results, I know that the 60 ft times could be a tad better, but what worries me more than anything is the consistancy of my low 89 mph trap speed...I'm staying in 3rd through the traps, should I be shifting a bit early say at 6k out of third, and go into 4th?

I shift at the 6500 shift point except in third, launch between 45-6000 with the clutch slip method, I'll get the 60 ft times down with some more strip time, but what about the top gear thing...3rd or 4th...I'm really discusted here guys, wondering if my car is a reject pig or something, but I still love it. My wifes been asking me all day why I've been so only reply is that I'm dissapointed with my car.

Help me out here fellas...I wanted to get the car to about stage 2 and leave it like that, but I hate to put anything on the car if it can even break into the 14s stock.



ManicsWrX 10-21-2005 08:36 AM

How far...
How far are you running each gear? Redline? And track conditions were normal as far as elevation and such. I think its the shift points. But you got to be more in detail on when you are shifting "RPM?" You should be able to break that into 14.9s

My stocker ran a 13.7 last time I ran it. And that was a 1st time at track with the rex but was there b4 with other car.....Bad driver? I know I aint the best but I think its the fact that your new to the track is what is bothering you.

Practice your launch, WRXs are known for it. I say some more experience and you will be good 2 go. Good luck man keep us posted

treystoys 10-21-2005 03:49 PM

All the shift point and pertinant info is listed in the first post. 6500 shift points going from 1st to 2nd, and 2nd to 3rd, then I just hold it in third through the lights. never hit the rev limiter in third, but my main quiestion was weather the shift from 3rd to 4th is needed? Remember mines an 05 with the 2.0 and a 5spd...

I have plenty track experience, just not with an Awd car, so nervousness isn't a problem at all...well, thanks for the response...anyone else at all, please respond.



LilSix 10-21-2005 05:17 PM

Are you holding your rpm's at 4500 or whatever? If so, that will kill your 60ft time. When you hold the gas down your boost isn't building up. Rev it up and down and then hold it right as the yellow lights start coming down. You want to time it so your boost is ready as your are ready to let the clutch out. By ready I mean not on vacuum. It wont build up until you put some load on the car. Ease the clutch out as the last yellow lights up and bamm, you've just mastered the 60ft and the reaction time. You now are 2 steps ahead of the opponent, assuming he doesn't know what he's doing. Many races are won not by the time you get, but by the 60ft and reaction time. Ive beat many cars to the finish that had trap speeds of close to 10mph more than me.:):):)

Jave 10-21-2005 06:12 PM

my understanding is if you are wanting to go faster and get your times down, you dont want a 3rd to 4th shift.

WRXtreme 10-21-2005 06:47 PM

I was able to trap just under 94mph in 3rd when my car was stock.

treystoys 10-21-2005 11:12 PM

Hey guys thanks for the replys...

As far as holding the revs at 4500, I don't do that, I try and bounce the revs up and down a bit, but I guess I need more practice. I only made 5 passes the other nite, the track was pretty crowded for a Wednesday night. I guess I'm gonna have to pay closer attention to the tach. How much cool down time do you think I need. I do have to drive a good hour and 20 minutes to the track, then I start running almost imeadiately...think that may have any effect on things?

I do feel a bit better tonite, I went out to get a pack of smokes, and a guy in a Crysler Crossfire (not the SRT, just the regular one...has about the same power to weight ratio as a stock rex like mine) he pulled up on side of me, and we ended up running 4 or five times, and I beat him each run, we raced from a dead once, and the other times from a second gear roll. I think those cars run in the mid to high 14s, so beating him, made me feel a bit better about my car. I tell ya, it feels strong on the street, I guess I just need to admit, I suck with this car at the track, all the years going to the strip, I always had automatics except for one rear drive tacoma I had extensively modified. I did have a 92 Izuzu Impulse, turbo awd, but never had a chance to take it to the track.

Thanks guys...I'll definately repost after another track outing...hopefully with some better results...If I can grab a 14.80 time slip, I'll finally quit whinning about

Later fellas


mosc 10-24-2005 12:41 PM

you might find some benefit to slipping a little clutch going into second as well. I find that the car falls out of boost if I drop into second from 6500rpm in first. Sounds like the only thing you're doing wrong is not using enough clutch.

oh and don't blame me if the clutch breaks pls :)

Bullit 10-30-2005 09:22 PM

I know what you mean man, just keep going back and work on the launch. It's all in the lauch. But whatever you do, never never never launch in 2nd gear. I know it sounds weird, but believe it or not, there are alot of people out there doing it, and destroying they're trannys in the process. You just gotta keep working at it if you have a majic number you want to get to.

stileguy 10-31-2005 04:32 AM

stock rexes have poor power above 6000ish so spool the turbo by stabbing throttle and rev it to almost redline then hold 6000, use the e-brake to stop from redlighting, slip the clutch till the car just starts rolling then let out the clutch quickly, by this time you will be at redline or just below so shift to 2nd immediately and let the strong midrange torque do the work in 2nd then shift to 3rd and hold it. remember it IS possible to shift quickly without being brutal on the tranny. That trap speed seems a little low, try putting in a quarter of a tank of the best fuel you can find and one third of a bottle of octane booster and then reset your ecu, you should be looking at closer to 95-98mph. do not put too much octane booster in or it will slow the burn in the combustion chamber resulting in less power. follow the directions and ratios on the packaging and let us know how you go.
if you dont mind punishing your clutch hold the e-brake and let the clutch out a little till it starts to grab, this will create load and build boost and allow you to leave the line with a little wheelspin if you get it right. let the other guy stage first and when you roll up to the lights have the revs up high and slip the clutch to move you forward towards the beam and use the e-brake to stop the car from rolling too far keep it on the friction point until launch. This works well if you have a brass button clutch as it doesnt allow the huge shockwave to hit the tranny, instead the gearbox is loaded up and no sidestepping the clutch is required.

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