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03Rex04 03-28-2007 01:32 PM

Do you guys Pre-load .. or know what it is ?
I am fairly new to the subaru realm. But with my current drag car I pre-load the driveline to get out all the slop before launch. Does any one do this with these cars or doesnt anyone know about it ?


Pre-loading is slipping your clutch out just enough at the line to load your trans/axles. You do this with you parking break up and when you launch you slam the brake down and drop the cluch with a slight slip. With a 2 step or anti-lag setup you can have it set to still build boost while pre-loaded too. Great for making power with some weaker parts. I do this to keep my stock gearbox together and stock (autozone haha) axles in 1 piece.

You guys with some power should give it a try. I pulled around 1.53-1.58 60' times in my fwd doing this.

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