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Labukas19 11-07-2007 10:44 AM

boy i need to learn to launch...
well went to the track the other day... (im know newb to the track) well i raced v8 rear wheel drives before, and dsm's.. sti once too (cut a 1.7 sixty) but anyway.. boy is my car picky to launch! had to runs... both times i bogged.. first run was a 2.4 sixty (let of after 1/8 mile) second was a 2.55 sixty lol but kept this one going.. went 14.7@97... wow do i suck...
i have a 04 wrx. 3 in tbe. my mph should have been more but the launch i almost stalled it haha so i bogged horribly... im guessing if i cut down to the under 2.0 sixtys id be solid 13's... old rule of thumb was 1 tenth off your sixty is two tenths off your 1/4... but w/e i didnt buy the car to launch it... its fun regardless! just wanted to share my lack of driving skill in this car! :cool:

Dark02 11-07-2007 11:44 AM

theres a how to launch on ###############............

Being nice to your tranny and not out to launch

There are two things you need to accomplish to get a good launch in the wrx.
You need to launch under some boost,
and you need to control the load on the engine so it stays near max torque rpm for the first few feet without banging the clutch and shock loading the drive train.

There are several variations on the theme and each person will discribe it slightly differently but you want to engage the clutch quickly and smoothly so it slips just a bit with out just side stepping the clutch, or frying the clutch by holding it at partial engagement. The newer 2003 cars have a flow limit valve in the clutch line so you cannot just let up on the clutch and break things. It slows down the engagement just a bit. On the 2002's you'll have to do that yourself.

One of the top WRX drag racers in the country describes the technique where you stage, and then let the clutch out a bit until you can tell it is just ready to engage (the friction point) is just a fraction of an inch away.

Hold at a moderate fast rpm (everyone picks a slightly different number) I use about 3000 3500 rpm.

Now comes the key to launching under boost.

You can only build boost under no load conditions when the engine is accelerating at WOT .

Just as the second yellow comes on, stomp the throttle to the floor from your stage rpm, the engine will take about a second to rev to red line. There is only .500 seconds between each of the yellow lights.

Watch the tach and as the rpm swings by 5000-5500 rpm let up on the clutch quickly.
(you can't wait for the green light you have to start leaving on the last yellow)

Since you prepositioned the clutch right at the friction point there will be very little clutch motion, or shock, your engine will be very close to 5500 rpm when the clutch engages and under some boost because you floored the throttle a fraction of a second earlier. If you get all that coordinated you should have enough torque and energy stored in the flywheel so the engine does not bog.

Hang on !!! you will be accelerating at over 1 G and hit red line in low in about 1.5 seconds.
Be ready to shift !!!!!
The biggest time loss that keeps folks at 2.x seconds is a slow shift, you have to shift quickly to get back under power in second gear before you complete the first 60'.

Shift quickly and firmly but NOT VIOLENTLY !!! your not trying to break anything just be quick.

I tell folks to hold the shifter in their fingers not to grab it like a club, this gives you more feel and makes you less inclined to try to rip the shift knob off the console.

If you get it right its quite a ride.

I hope this helps

Labukas19 11-07-2007 12:39 PM

it seems my clutch grabbs different everytime tho! lol... thats exactly how i launched my buddies sti... but not to 5500.. staged at 3000 then letting the clutch up fulley disengadging it at about 4200-4500 ish... cut a 1.7 or 1.8 forget. but went 12.7@105 while he was running mid 14's with it at about 100. lol...
i guess since it being my car im babying it too much. i dont have the $$ to fix anything right now..
thanks for the info!!!

WRXKidid775 11-07-2007 11:18 PM

Don't you love beating on yours friend's car?

Labukas19 11-08-2007 08:35 AM

yea if it breaks not my problem! hes rich anyway so whats he care if he needs a trans.. :sneaky:

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