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baller_v24 10-13-2007 02:17 PM

13.3 @ 101 mph, stock sti, critique please.
i ran my baby 7 times last night and got my best time on the 7th pass. oh wait car has a 50/50 hybrid recirc bov. that's it. that would affect performance (if it really does). oh first time i even launched my sti so all my practice on this car was at the track. ive done a little spirited driving but not launched until the track. here's how i did:

1st pass:

14.6 @99mph
(notes) missed second and third and was nervous as hell

2nd pass:

14.0 @99mph
(notes) bogged launch

3rd pass:

13.6 @99 mph
(notes) first pass with less than 2.0 60ft. it was 1.903

4th pass:

14.1@ 99mph
(notes) bogged launch

5th pass:

(notes) 1.85 60 ft and all passes up this point i have been redlining first, about 6500 second and the rest at about 6200 rpms.

6th pass:


(notes) printer wasn't working to get my slip but my friends said that was my time, and i missed 5th gear and redlined all the gears this time.

7th and final pass:

reaction: .87
60ft: 1.869
330ft: 5.487
1/8et: 8.516
1/8mph: 81.21
1000 et: n/a
1000mph: n/a
1/4et: 13.3453
1/4mph: 101.26

(notes) i redlined all the gears.

other racing notes: it was 57-62 degress at night and it was 57degrees on my final pass. i put ice in the intercooler spray reservoir and sprayed the intercooler all the way back to the parking area and some more as i was lining up to race, let the car cool for about 20-30 minutes b/f each pass atleast. oh yea and i launched at 5000 rpms on every pass.

im curious if i could of ran faster ### my last 3 passes i improved by .1 and all were 1.8 60fts. i think if i didnt miss 5th gear on my 6th pass i might of gotten a 13.2 or so. i wanted to leave on a good note so i didnt race after that. curious as to what u guys think for my first time at the track with the sti. ive raced on the track in the past it's just been about a year and a half on my old wrx.

VD5505 10-13-2007 02:31 PM

you should be able to get that thing in the 12's with no prob, my 03 wrx i got to run 12.86 at 106 mph on my stock turbo with a 1.67 60ft, keep up the good work though man

baller_v24 10-13-2007 03:37 PM

hopefully im 12's with stage 2. how did u get so good of a 60 ft time. what rpms did u launch at?

VD5505 10-13-2007 11:38 PM

i launch around 6800rpm, i have a Exedy clutch, with ACT street lite flywheel, i run Red Line Shock Proof gear oil and i have had no probs at all with my car, i have made over 125 passes this year i have all the time tickets, i have also be drag racing drag cars for 7 years i preload my car then go so i have never just dropped the clutch in it, trust me you wil get down to 1.7's or so in your 60 ft

baller_v24 10-14-2007 11:32 PM

and may i add i raced my friend's evo 8, 6 out of the 7 passes and not once did he beat me, every bad pass i made his was worse, lol he could only get a 13.8. STI > EVO, he had an intake BTW. WRXKIDD i know u will see this so what kinda times u running with ## evo? oh and if there are any other sti drivers that have ran stock or with just stage 2 what times are u guys running, curious to see how im driving that thing in comparison to the rest.

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