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Why we don't support Street Racing on WRXtuners

You may have noticed in the rules that we don't allow street racing stories on our site. You may also have recently noticed that videos posted on our site that depict street racing are also disappearing little by little and threads started about street racing are getting locked. I've been asked why we don't allow street racing, as it attracts more visitors to watch these videos and read these stories. And doesn't more visitors equal more money from site sponsors? The answer is, we don't care. We are not interested in making more money at the expense of the community. Are we being too strict? Maybe.

Sure, almost all people on this site have probably street raced once or twice - and maybe they still do it regularly. I'm sure everyone has run a red light or they speed on the highway on a daily basis too. That doesn't make it right. Street racing is not only illegal, it's the black eye on our community. It's the reason why our industry is not taken seriously and attracts so much negative press (the import scene in particular). It's the reason why our emissions laws are becoming so strict with the visual tests - in California, it's almost completely illegal to modify your car at all. The state is trying to target the street racers who modify their cars with loud exhausts and other go-fast parts. It's also the reason why many of us have a difficult time getting tracks built in our area - and why local communities won't back any track proposals. They're afraid it will bring about more street racers in their area. It's hurting our hobby and it's not the kind of activity we want to support on our site. By allowing people to post videos and stories of street racing, we feel that we'd be encouraging our members to create those videos and those stories. These videos and stories glamorize the issue. Some of our members are young impressionable kids who don't need that type of encouragement. We're not necessarily telling you what to do and not do. You're all old enough to make your own decisions. If you street race, that's fine, just keep it to yourself. We're not trying to put an end to street racing, we're just not going to support it by allowing it to run rampant in our forums. In fact, we'll reward those people who go to the track and post track-related content.

We don't care to profit by being a negative influence in the community. We're not in this business to get rich. We're in it to make a positive impact in the WRX community and to act responsible. If we don't attract as many members as sites that allow street racing content, we can accept that. Let those site owners do what they think is right. We will continue to encourage our members to take it to the track and reward those that actually do so.

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