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Ludachris 01-12-2006 02:57 PM

Warning Level - what's that?
It's part of our new Warning System being used by the moderating team. Those who violate the rules will receive warnings. The reason for this system? It's there so we don't have to send PM's/emails to users to ask them to follow the posted rules. Instead of waiting until we needed a system like this, we went ahead and implemented it now.

If your Warning Level is something other than "0" then you have received a warning for violating a rule. Click on the number to find out what you did wrong. Once your Warning Level reaches "5" you'll be automatically suspended for a week. Pay attention to your Warning Level. Please don't post complaints about being warned - just realize you did something to break the rules. Don't make more of it than what it is. A warning is just a warning. You're not being punished. It gives us a way to communicate with you and correct unacceptable behavior privately without having to suspend people, send PMs or publicly humiliate you. And it gives us a way to keep track of who is not abiding by the rules. Warnings will automatically drop off after a certain amount of time, and it will tell you so in your warning log. Expired warnings don't count toward your Warning Level.

We will give warnings for various infractions, including but not limited to: flaming, insulting other members/shops/websites/business, spam, self promotion, bad grammar/spelling/punctuation/capitalization in the tech forums, undescriptive thread titles in the tech forums, common questions that are answered in our FAQ forum, misinformation, inappropriate topics, rude replies, and all other things specified in our Site Rules. You should read the Rules from time to time to refresh your memory on how what we expect from our members.

Only you and the moderators can view your warnings. Please, just use some common sense and follow our posted rules and you will not be warned.

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