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Administrator 12-12-2013 09:24 AM

2015 Subaru WRX Debuts in LA

Despite all the leaked information coming out, the Subaru WRX still made its debut at the 2013 LA auto show, sporting a few new wrinkles to the winning WRX formula.

The new WRX turns the already grown up look of the Subaru Impreza into an car that exudes a sporting personality, complete with hood-scoops, low-profile spoiler and flared fenders.

Everyone wants to know what lies under the hood of the WRX and Subaru opted to stick to the familiar idea of turbocharging a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. Despite being a whole half-liter smaller than the last generation of WRX, the 2015 model puts out 268 hp, just three more than before. On the other hand, torque is improved, offering 14 more lb-ft of it at 258 lb-ft in total, which is delivered as soon as 4,800 rpm.

Another area where the new WRX one-ups the old one is in the transmission, which is now a six-speed manual, compared to the last models five-speed. The new manual transmission even features carbon synchros for the first two gears ensuring quicker shifts and a more durable gearbox. Subaru is expecting the manual model to get around 24 mpg combined.

Subaru is also offering a CVT transmission to those who donít like shifting at all. The new gearbox features three different modes, and paddle shifters which allow the driver to switch between 6 or 8 pre-set gear ratios. While CVTs are rarely sporty feeling, this is a unique twist to the usually boring and fuel conscious transmission. The automaker believes the CVT will deliver 21 mpg combined.

Inside the WRX tells a bigger story. The car features a far more grown up and mature look, starting from the cars leather-wrapped flat bottom steering wheel. Thereís more soft touch material in key spots around the cabin and thereís also (finally) an option for a premium sound system by Harman Kardon, pumping out 440-watts of kicking tunes. The rear seat benefits from the shared platform of the new Impreza, sporting two extra inches of rear-seat legroom.

Weighing in at just over 3,200 lbs, the new WRX is a new twist on the brandís Subaru sport car, leaving us with just one question: when do we see the STI model?

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