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wagonracer 10-05-2006 10:57 PM

Open Track days in New Mexico
For those of us that can't get enough...Here's the poop on our two tracks. Arroyo Seco Raceway is an absolute blast of a track, 1.6 miles with 14 turns. The drawback is that it's in the southern part of the state, kind of convenient for Arizona drivers, here's the link [url][/url]
Dates for ASR sports cars (in white) are the open track days, $75 all day green flag running, passing only on the straight. When I've been down, there's been 10 - 15 cars total. Usually 6-8 on the track at once, lots of room.
The other track is Sandia, here's the links
I've not been there, it's outside of Albuquerque, and I don't know the schedule, but you can see on the swms site that they have open track days on fridays, sometimes...I called a while back and it sounds like they have them more often than that, and it costs $35 or $40 . I haven't done it because you can see from the lap video, there's a lot to run into. I'm more confident as a driver now and will be going down (walls, what walls ?). If any of you folks are planning to do it, PM me, and I'll try to make it. For ASR track days, I'm planning on doing both Oct and Nov dates. It's a bit of a haul for me too, but the oct date is also the weekend of the first Rocket Racing Leauge event, outside of Las Cruces.
Should be able to see them in the skies from the track. I kinda think that racing rockets at 5000' ought to be pretty f***ing cool !!

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