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BrokEnRex 04-04-2009 04:31 PM

STI longblock smog test
first off, hello this is my first post!!!

I have a 03 wrx that has had a blown engine for about a year now, and im finally gonna have enough engine to pay for a replacement. But i want more reliability and a little bit more power, so an STI longblock, or possibly sti shortblock with wrx heads, is what im looking to do.

Heres the problem, I regestered my car as a NON OP, but when i fix it i have to get it smogged to regester it for normal driving use. If i go with either STI longblock or STI shortblock with wrx heads, will i pass smog? i have the stock wrx exhaust components, stock turbo. stock intercooler. If i run all these parts with stock exhaust manifold as well, can i pass smog?

sorry if this is confusing. i will be going from 2.0 to 2.5 so i didnt know if my stock turbo would work on it.

Now , im only doing these "stock parts" for a short period of time for smog reasons, then im going to put a sti turbo and intercooler on just to bump up the power alittle, im only looking for 300+whp. thanks guys and i look forward to talkin with everyone here on this forum, it looks real imformative !Thumbs Up

newtothegame 04-04-2009 06:21 PM

I wouldnt see why you wouldnt pass the smog test. FYI the STI runs a 2.5, so does the 06+ WRXs. As long as you have the cats and CELs you wouldnt have a problem at all running the car and passing smog.

BrokEnRex 04-04-2009 07:07 PM

yes i kno thanks, ive been into subbies for a while now , i just left a different forum, to many admins abusing there powers putting people down and name calling and such.

But this place looks good. I have the stock cats with about 40k miles on them from my 03 wrx, stock cats. will they work fine when it comes to smog, cus the motor is a 2.5, and also, will my stock turbo push enough through the motor just to get it smogged. i dont plan on using wrx turbo on sti engine for longer then a few weeks just for smog test. Thanks guys

BrokEnRex 04-05-2009 11:52 PM


baller_v24 04-06-2009 09:21 PM

I don't see why you wouldn't pass as long as you keep the stock exhaust with stock downpipe's and what not.

mosc 04-06-2009 11:01 PM

If it's catted, properly tuned, and has no CEL's, it should have no problem passing any smog test. It might fail a visual inspection if the inspector is a dick, but that's different.

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