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Scooby375 02-06-2014 09:15 AM

Snapped Rods
Which is the best way to go?

I just blew my engine 2.2 long block, would it be the best to rebuild??

Or just swap a 2.5 short block??

What's the power difference? Will the 2.5 be a stronger block?

LW_Black4 02-06-2014 05:20 PM

Long and short blocks are available. Here's a link to BuiltEJ: [url=]BuiltEJ[/url]

What's best depends on your application, or what you want to do with the vehicle.

[B]Please tell us a little about the current engine, what vehicle it's in and how it got hurt?[/B] We're curious.

The strongest OEM block is a closed deck EJ20K or G, but they are rare and not worth seeking out. The strongest EJ block is a custom sleeved item, with prices in the stratosphere.

Get a built short block from a reputable company like BuiltEJ if you have lots of money. I expect these will cost the same as an OEM item, but have the OEM weaknesses corrected.

Sub14WRX 02-06-2014 07:39 PM

How much do you know about the subaru motors?
You can get a new EJ25 block for like $1,600 no internals.
If you know how to build motors I'd say buy a new block, buy the STi Crank for I believe around $370.00. Forged Pistons for like $867.00 another $1,000 for some Forged Rods. About $90.00 for Rod Bearings about $128.00 for Piston Rings about $12.00 for Pin Clips. You could have yourself a Built Short Block for around $4,000-$5,000 if you know how to assemble a Subaru Short Block.

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