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EmsTrauma 09-23-2006 12:27 AM

Shopping list for swap with pics of the swap
As most read theres a lot of my 2.0 blew up and now i want to go Sti block and then a month later the post comes up block is in car is great, but what is missing in all the build post is a shopping list of what is needed. Now have to do this swap cause will my 2.0 blew up and Ive search NASIOC,Clubwrx,iclub,scoobymods and now here with out any real answer on what is need. The post mainly turns into the if i were you id do this. so my question is what have i forgot to add to my list that would be a must?
Sti block
oil pump
water pump
Gasket set (WRX gasket kit with STi head gaskets)
timing belt
fuel pump
fuel filter
750 cc or 800 cc injectors
STi oil pan as well. Better baffled. $92
I was going to do ARP head studs but i don't plan on hitting big power levels. Later on i plan on upgrading the turbo to a 20g and to a FMIC. I'm basically looking to build a fun all around car of course later on down the road ill have to get a new transmission cause my stock one wont like it.
Oh yea mods on car as of now.
Full 3 inch cat less exhaust
Helix bell mouth down pipe
Helix up pipe
K&N drop in filter
Cobb AP protuned
Perrin IC hose kit
But any and all help on this matter would be great as I'm placing my order Mon morning and would like all the parts to arrive at the same time so i can get my car back on the road.

[COLOR="Red"] Tools so far needed to do this
basic socket set
Breaker bar
10 mm Allen wrench
1 1/8 open end
12pt 14mm
6mm bolt for the clutch pin
24mm extra deep for oil cooler
22mm for crank pulley[/COLOR]

9d2TSi 09-23-2006 12:09 PM

If your going to do it, do it right. Put the ARP's on there. Especially if you'r going to run a larger turbo and higher boost.

rex-ya 09-23-2006 12:29 PM

^^+1. If you're gonna do it, do it right. Over building something, especially an engine, is never a bad idea. You're already spending a chunk of change, why not go a little further for some piece of mind.

EmsTrauma 09-23-2006 12:39 PM

So from the list above all i should add is the head studs?

9d2TSi 09-23-2006 12:49 PM

Yes, add the studs.

EmsTrauma 09-24-2006 03:09 PM

[COLOR="Red"]Figured id go ahead and make a little enjoy my head thread out of my shopping list thread that i hope to update with pictures so maybe it will be of some help to other that might attempt this project in the future. fair warning my writing and spelling skills sucks so bare with me[/COLOR]

Not to sure how fast this ones going to move but im going to try and take pictures and write something everytime i touch the car.Pictures will be added as soon as i start tearing the car apart.
[color=red]Sep.17 2006[/color] : Oil pressure droped from 80 psi to 40 psi. Ended up with the knock of Death. Called Amber had her dad bring the truck and trailer and off to the house we go.
[color=red]Sep.18 2006[/color]: I decided my best route of travel with this car is going to be full Ver. 7 Jdm Sti swap including Morot,ecu,harness,6 speed transmission,brembo brakes all the way around and Sti pink suspesion.( looking for a package deal on all the parts). Got home from work took the subie off the trailer 5 psi oil pressure on idel and 80 psi on start up which should be 110 on start up and 30 on ideal.
[color=red]Sep 19 2006[/color]Pulled most of the small stuff off so i could get the the motor mount and get ready to get the old motor out. only worked on it for about 30 to 45 mins so not alot was done, but more then I figured id get done.
Tomorrow should be the alternator and everything on top and get it done to pretty much nothing but block heads and transmission.


[color=red]Sep 23 2006[/color] Got all the coolant lines fuel lines and all wires disconnected All that is needed to be removed now it the Bolts to the drive shaft the transmission mount and motor mount and Out she comes. Its actually alot eaiser then i thouhgt i working in between storms today so im only able to work on it for about 20 mins at a time.

Hopefully later on tonight ill be posting the pics of an empty engine bay
Its ready to come out except for some reason one of the motor mount bolts is stripped so now i have to deal with that....and not to mention the damn weather

Ran into a snag while pulling it out seems the transmission didnt want to let go. Ill finish it up tomorrow.
I got it to seperate but not lal the way something on the bottom is sticking but it started raining so i had to stop for a few

EmsTrauma 09-24-2006 05:27 PM

Its finally out. Now time to break it down and get it all tore apart and get the new block ordered and start putting everything together
Not to bad for 2 days and crappy weather and pretty much doing it by myself.

EmsTrauma 09-25-2006 04:22 PM

Well today decided to start breaking the motor down and learned a little something. When taken Intake maniafold off there is no reason to undo the Fuel rails. 4 12mm bolts on each side and everything pops right off.
anyways heres a few pictures i took alot more then this mainly for how the hell did this go referance type but all in all this i sgoig to be a semi easy hard job but im learning.
Then my favorite of the day

jabtsi 09-25-2006 05:20 PM

Shopping list
What I don't see on the list is.....

head work/
Just my 2 cents. But you have the motor out. So a new clutch will be easy. And with more power you mite need it.

And if your getting a new block you dont want to put old heads on. The last thing you want is a valve dropping in a new motor.

skate enjoi 09-25-2006 06:32 PM

why not do the clutch when he does the tranny/new gears??? that would make more sense to me.

imbeterthanu 09-26-2006 11:23 AM

+1 on head work. get those machined. damn just pull every thing at once.

trktwrx 09-26-2006 11:31 AM

I would recommend getting the heads decked/resurfaced. Also new valves and valve springs wouldn't hurt. Good luck with the rebuild, I have seen and helped many dsm rebuilds and i know the time and effort you are about to go through.

EmsTrauma 09-26-2006 11:40 AM

yea its a pain so far....consideing this is the first time i have ever done this. as for clutch and fly wheel thats going in as well and im probaly gettin ghte heads p&p and cleaned up funding is running real low with this

DesiSuperman 09-26-2006 11:46 AM

is all the stuff in your shoppin list a must? or could you just switch out the block and keep the rest stock?

imbeterthanu 09-26-2006 12:02 PM

some of it is for an upgraded turbo. not ALL of is a must. but the majority of it is.

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