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holemaniac 08-21-2011 10:44 PM

overheated once. now wont start!
Seems I've been going thru a rough patch with my subaru. Just bought it in april and in june the 5 speed went out. Spent some hard earned cash on a six speed swap and completed it. Literally that weekend I finished my bottom radiator hose blew off and lost all my coolant. I was in my neighborhood when it happened and as soon as I saw my temp start to rise I went home. The temp never reached red but got close. Next day I reattached the hose and filled with coolant andd burped it. I thought it was good and ready to go. I could let it sit and idle all day long with no issues, but as soon as I would drive it down my road and back whether I parked it or drove it it would spike up close to red within 3 seconds. I replaced serevral things. Thermostat, coolant temp sensor, both rad cap and coolant cap. Yes my fans were working and I do have a mishimoto radiator. I pressure checked the cooling system and all was good and held pressure fine. But after driving it I did notice it was bubbling excessively into the overflow tank and I am pretty sure that's how I was losing coolant. But everyday I was trying to figure it out, it would seem to start up a little rougher each day, but even its idling out. The exhaust smelled a very rich. There was no smoke out of the exhaust and no coolant oil mix anywhere. Then on the fifth day of troubleshooting, it wouldn't start at all, not matter how many times I turned it over. I pulled the plugs to do a compression test. I know you are supposed to do it when the car is warm but it wouldn't start. In all four cylinders I was getting around 130 psi, which I suspect is ok for a cold motor considering you should get 160 when warm. Then the only other thing I could think of was the headgaskets. Pulled the motor and started tearing apart. Both headgaskets were intact. I did notice a very tiny crack on each head connecting 2 valves, and a slight crack around the sparkplug holes, as well as notice it has had headwork done before. One of the sparkplugs has a sleeve in it. The previous owner gave some short history of the car before I bought it. He told me he was boosting around 25 psi and blew up the old block which he gave me as well. He swapped it out with the ej207 block with pistons rod and crank. Do you think the cracks in my heads were causing my overheating until the cracks got bad? I read on a forum somewhere that boost can leak into the cooling system and I think that's what happened, but any input is greatly appreciated.

jimbo058 08-22-2011 01:29 PM

Better get those heads magnafluxed to determine the depth/extent of the cracks. Sounds ugly, dude, hope it works out for you without spending big $$$. If the guy overboosted from 25psi, that could be disaster for stock heads. So sorry, good luck !!!

bad grocerygetter 08-23-2011 07:53 AM

Kinda curious but what all mods does the car have? What engine management are you running? but Im with jimbo058 get that stuff all checked out first. That really sucks man sorry to hear your luck.

eggy66 09-24-2012 09:05 PM

I'm having and coolant problem the coolant is leaking from the overflow tank at the top were the hose goes in and everyday i need to check the coolant. what could this be.

pzr2874 09-25-2012 05:55 AM

^Get the system pressure tested.

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