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superbeetle 09-09-2011 06:01 PM

JDM EJ20 STI engine with EJ20 SOHC Heads
Hi. I will like to confirm if a set of JDM EJ20 SOHC heads can be install on a JDM EJ20 STI engine? Why? Well I want to STI my VW Beetle without to much butchering at the back. From what I had learned you can easily install a EJ22 SOHC, but not the EJ25 SOHC and none of the DOHC engines. To install the later ones it will need major surgery at the back. I also learned that an Hybrid EJ25 with EJ22 SOHC heads will fit as easily. Also understand(not 100% sure) that the JDM EJ20 SOHC is about same dimensions as the EJ22 SOHC, so fitting will be easy. That led me to asking the posibilty of a plenty available JDM EJ20 STI engine with a set of JDM SOHC EJ20 heads? What are your opinion on this? Can you direct me to a thread that shows what is involved on these DOHC to SOHC heads swaps?
I am not new to VWs neither Subarus. I have a 73 1303 and a 71 Karmann. Had just sell my 2004 US spec STI and my daily driver is a 2008 Legacy.

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