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mlemjs 04-28-2010 10:46 PM

Cosworth or Crawford
I'd like to ask the club members' opinions regarding which engine; the Cosworth 2.6 Billet Crank Long Block or the Crawford S5 2.7 Long Block is best in terms of reliability, efficiency and quality.
Please share any comments regarding these two engine builds and builders.

Thanks in advance.

man show 04-29-2010 08:37 AM

I'd get the 2.7 long block simply because it's a little bigger :) But other than that, I really don't know much of anything about either one and my opinion shouldn't count. I'm curious what everyone else has to say though.

RcrsWetDream 04-29-2010 11:07 AM

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In terms of reliability, going with any stroker kit will actually lower it once you're pushing high power levels through them. I would bet a 2.5L would be more reliable since it's generally not bored out like a stroker kit is.

Personally, I would want to go with the cosworth because I believe they add displacement only by adding stroke, and not boring the cylinders. That, and well it's Cosworth. They're awesome.

Also, Crawford tends to use a lot of the stock STi parts in their blocks and replace what they need to. They're also a bit less expensive. The crawford block will generally have the stock bearings, crank, and maybe a few other items, whereas the cosworth will have cosworth bearings, their billet crank, etc.

Bboy LiMiT 04-29-2010 05:25 PM

Doesn't stroking the engine also reduce the reliability and life of the engine?

mosc 04-29-2010 05:28 PM

They're both overpriced. I'd get this:
[url=]Product Detail[/url]

and this:
[url=]Product Detail[/url]

turmic 04-29-2010 10:05 PM

I read somewhere that the stage 5 Raw block needs converted to dry sump if you plan on using the 9500 rpm limit. Other than that, its way more than what I need. I settled on the stage 3 Raw block. Which is sitting at my tuners, just waiting for the scheduled install date.

RcrsWetDream 04-29-2010 10:36 PM

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Yes, most engines to rev over 9k or so need a dry sump oil system, and that runs 3k by itself.

And mosc, even that block is too much for most builds... Yes it's half the price of the cosworth, but you can have a more than capable bottom end by going with the the "track" series block for $4,300.

mlemjs 04-30-2010 09:30 PM

Nice suggestion on the dry sump system and the alternate engine manufacturer. I'm going to have to do some additional research. You've just made my decision just that much harder. LOL :D

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