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wagonracer 05-31-2009 11:44 PM

cam gear removal
What a PITA !! This has been covered well in other forums, but just to give my two cents.....

I pulled and broke down my shot motor today to get the heads sent out for machining. The cam gear removal is a bi-atch, but doable with a 1 1/8" box end on the flat spots on the exhaust cam, and a 24mm box end on the square end of the intake cam. I tried a 10mm hex socket with a 3/8" breaker bar and shrapneled it on the first try. Fortunately my 10 mm L shaped allen wrench help up to the 6 foot cheater bar with all of my 165 lbs hanging on one end to break the damn things. The last gear was trickier (right side intake) and I ended up using a chain wrench around the gear and let the handle rest up against the coolant inlet. Don't bother with the expensive Subaru cam gear sprocket wrench option, as I can't imagine it would hold up to amount of force it takes to break those allen bolts. BTW, the 6' bar came in handy on the head bolts as well.

mosc 05-31-2009 11:45 PM

Cheater bar ftw! Nice to hear you'll be putting her back togeather ;)

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