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nutboy 08-29-2009 04:00 PM

building a ej207
Hi to all the scooby brothers out there.i looking for power for about 400+ whp.
can the experience boys teach mi how to build my engine. looking for some advise and comments.firstly is avcs useful?if im gonna drop aftermarket cams like BC,tomei,JUN.will there still b avcs?do i need a stroker kit to make it better or stay at the 2.0 range with forged internals will do?### high lift cams are gd?as long as they dont have too irractic idling.

looking to build an ej207 with the following:(either)
Blouch Dom 3.0/FP RED/td 06 25G
sti semi-close deck.
BC 272 cams or jus stick to sti cams
cp pistons with eagle roads
the rest of all necessary valve springs,bolts,studs

please give me some advise as i dont wanna go the wrong way.thanks in advance
by the way im not local.cheers!Thumbs Up

PowerHouse 08-29-2009 05:46 PM

i'm a but confused with the "looking to build an ej207 with......sti semi-closed deck." do you mean the jdm ej207? i dunno. either way...

AVCS is extremely useful. you'll definitely want that with your build, especially if you are looking for 400+whp, because it does help with spool characteristics also. if your ecu and heads are setup for avcs, then the aftermarket cams that are made for it will use avcs. what kind of heads are you running? JDM v8 heads are an amazing set, otherwise v7 or any other avcs heads would be nice. valves, springs, and retainers are worth looking into if you are looking for serious power.

if you ae looking for a serious build, a stroker kit would produce much more power with the added cam upgrade. it does seem you give 2 shits about daily driving because of your idling statement, so getting to aggessive may not be for you. a built rj207 is capable of producing 400+whp. i personally like cp pistons and make sure you bore the cylinders out for better ring seating and piston fitment. i have to go drive my gf to her work so let me know if you want to continue talking,

nutboy 08-30-2009 12:41 AM

i mean i wanna get a semi-close deck to do my build.but currently im running a base wrx engine so no avcs for me.if im dropping a euro sti i have to change to a sti ecu and do the wiring n harness so as to get avcs?

PowerHouse 08-30-2009 01:54 AM

[quote=nutboy;229596]i mean i wanna get a semi-close deck to do my build.but currently im running a base wrx engine so no avcs for me.if im dropping a euro sti i have to change to a sti ecu and do the wiring n harness so as to get avcs?[/quote]

yes you will need the jdm sti wiring harness and ecu to make use of the avcs. if i remember correctly the V8 sti heads have dual avcs. both intake and exhaust side which provides much more power and efficiency. eastcoastswappers is a company that specializes in the types of swaps you may be interested. i learned a great deal just calling them and talking to them about it. although i was not a paying customer, they took a lot of their time out to speak with me and work with me on my own motorswap.

at the time, i was trying to drop an ej207 long block in my 06 wrx. there were complicationswith getting everything worked out so i settled for a built usdm instead. these guys know their stuff and have done some pretty amazing swaps. they have pushed their talents pretty far. i'd suggest calling them and asking them all the questions you may have.

nutboy 08-30-2009 11:24 AM

ok thx.what difference is there between the euro sti n jdm sti engine.i learn that the sti internals are so called the stock ej207 strong enough to take 400whp.i'm planning to use the blouch dominator 3 or 4 turbo.i'm thinking that might as well drop in some forged pistons and rods since the motor swap will be going on, save the labour and hassle in the long run

PowerHouse 08-30-2009 01:52 PM

from what i've researched in the past, the ej207 is fitted with forged pistons. although they are forged, i still see ej207 swaps with stock level turbos having issues often enough to merit a motor build to save yourself the trouble in the long run, especially if you are going for big power. you never really know what condition a used motor can come in either way so it'd be good to have piece of mind from the beginning. a mod that is priceless. a dom 3 will probably get you to your goals, with supporting mods, fairly easily easpecially with the right heads. maybe even think about cross-drilling the crank and get everything balanced. the extra cooling for the oil would definitely help.

i certainly take interest in your build. if i had a 2.0l i'd be doing exactly what you are. in fact i tried it with my 06 but things were too complicated back then.

nutboy 08-30-2009 03:27 PM


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