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Jag_Warrior 01-06-2009 12:41 AM

Any experience with Cosworth engine bits?
A local dealership is going out of business soon, and they have an EJ20 that they snagged from a wrecked WRX. The turbo and intercooler have already been removed. The car went broadside into a telephone pole, so it doesn't appear that the engine was damaged, but it has about 90K miles on it. Unless someone buys it prior to the doors closing, the service manager is going to essentially give me the engine (he gets free rides when I go to the races this year).

My question before I set this thing (that I need like another hole in my head) in the corner of my garage: has anyone here had any experiences (good or bad) with Cosworth rebuild components? All of my track-rat pals are screaming that I should go with Cosworth components. I know Cossie has a reputation as one of the greatest of the ultra high performance race engine builders. If I was racing in Atlantics, I'm sure Cossie would be my choice. And I'm sure that what they sell is top notch. But [U]for the money[/U], $ for $, would the experienced tuners here plan an EJ20 rebuild around Cosworth components? And if not, which ones have you had the best luck with?

Thanks for any replies or info.

Chase 01-06-2009 12:47 AM

I've only used their bearings for all my bottom end bearings, but I've gone 5500 miles so far with no problems. I know a lot of the guys that have done rebuilds here have used them. An aquaintance of mine who builds track Subaru's like their going out of style recommended them. Sorry that's all I have for you...

Jag_Warrior 01-07-2009 01:17 PM

Thanks, Chase.

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