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Buckeye WRX 05-02-2011 06:50 PM

04 WRX hybrid timing belt issues
I recently purchased a 2004 WRX hybrid. When I got it I knew the timing was off. When I opened the timing belt casing I found the tensioner pulley ball bearings all over. Fortunately the pistons and valves were in good shape. 1 slightly bent valve. The heads have been sent out and redone. The motor has been torn completely down and checked. New Manley pistons, cam gears, timing belt and tensioners.

I am having an issue with the timing belt tension. I have everthing lined up, but when I turn the crank forward, I am getting a little slack in the belt and the timing is off 1 tooth after that? If I crank it backwards, no issues. Any ideas?

wagonracer 05-03-2011 06:05 AM

Two obvious questions: did you pull the pin from the tensioner, and did you install the fourth little pulley ? (next to left intake cam)

For some reason on our motors, the timing marks on the cam gears don't always line up dead on time after you turn them. I've built three of them in the last few months and only one lined up precisely after turning 720 degrees. They usually appear slightly off (almost one tooth) on the left side cam gears. I just did the belt on my DD a couple of weeks ago, same thing. The same is true of the NA 2.5 DOHC engines.

Always pull the "grenade" pin from the tensioner and wait 3-5 minutes before you crank it by hand. Obviously the marks on the belt will never line up again, but if you are unsure you can count the teeth on the belt.

man show 05-03-2011 08:44 PM

[quote=wagonracer;260644]Always pull the "grenade" pin from the tensioner and wait 3-5 minutes before you crank it by hand[/quote]

Is this true for brand new tensioners or just if you're reusing old ones that have been recompressed (reusing the old tensioner is not recommended from everything I've read, btw... they're not terribly expensive... I got a new one)? I'll be doing this job in ~8k miles.

Wagon racer, did you replace anything besides the belt, gears, and water pump? Cam seals? Oil pump?

How about you, Buckeye - did you replace anything besides the belt, tensioner, and gears?

wagonracer 05-03-2011 09:41 PM

You probably don't really have to wait that long, just habit for me.

My engine needed some re-sealing love, and a [url=]Performance Development Manufacturing[/url] sleeve kit to cure my noisy throwout bearing. Out came the engine, and I did front and rear crank seals, cam seals, valve cover gaskets, oil cooler o-ring, radiator hose clamps, new PCV hoses, plugs and the oil return line from the turbo to head. I replaced all four pulleys, tensioner, water pump, thermostat and T-belt. No reason to replace the oil pump in IMO. Never seen an issue with one. I also needed to replace the left inner timing cover from when my original silver car was "totaled" last year.

I'm on my way out to SLC for a few days, and wanted to get all this stuff done before the road trip. I'll be hitting the track with it right after I get back and will see how I like the D-spec set-up.

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