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Bboy LiMiT 04-22-2010 02:54 PM

02 wrx randomly idles really hard and shakes while driving
I just started seeing this a couple days ago but i turned my car on and it was idling so hard that the air filter box was smacking against the frame. Then when i was driving it would feel like i was losing a lot of power and all of a sudden it would kick in again. Then later I turned the car on again and drove it and it ran perfectly. It seems to be random and it kicks in sometimes in the middle of driving and not only when I start her up. It feels worse at lower rpms and the more gas i give her the "better" it feels. I'm thinking its a spark plug getting old and failing to fire, what do you guys think?

blazed2002bugeye 04-22-2010 03:31 PM

if you don't have a CEL its hard to guess what it could be..mine had a misfire problem with a CEL so i changed to diamond fire plugs and okada coils but again i had a CEL so i don't know with yours..someone told me there was a recall on the my02-03 wrx for a weird misfire thing with the ECM..but a misfire wont make it rev like that..maybe its the TPS all you can do is guess with out a CEL and wast money

Bboy LiMiT 04-22-2010 04:25 PM

whats a TPS?

Bboy LiMiT 04-22-2010 06:49 PM

I went to Advance Auto parts and checked out my CEL codes. Basically it said that it was running lean and every cylinder was misfiring. So I bought a new fuel filter and hooked it up. When I went to take the line from the original fuel filter (that leads to the injectors) fuel was SPRAYING out of the tube. After I got that same tube on the new filter I took the other tube off of the old filter (leading to the pump) and put it on the new one. When I did there was no pressure or fuel spraying out, as is normal. Then I cleared the codes from ECU, then started the car and it was running really smoothly. The guy working at Advance Auto Parts said that it still sounds like it was misfiring. It sounds like its cammed, even though its not, but it sounded like that before it was idling really harshly and shaking really bad also. Anyways I drove the car about 7 miles back to my house with no problems at all, and no CELs. Get new spark plugs anyways? Is 7 miles enough to throw CELs?

Here are the CEL codes I got:

PO420 - Something about the Catalyc converters (I have a catless exhaust)
PO171 - System Lean
PO301 - Cylinder One Misfire
PO302 - Cylinder Two Misfire
PO303 - Cylinder Three Misfire
PO304 - Cylinder Four Misfire
PO546 - EGT high temperature reading
PO171 - System Lean (again?)

blazed2002bugeye 04-23-2010 11:49 AM

no about 50 miles for the ecm to get full monitor...i would change the plugs..why not cant hurt..only problem is there pita to change..another question is the car tuned? got a catless exhaust you said..i have a catless exhaust and had the car tuned ..well i also have O2 simulators so my brain things the O2s are working..also a TPS is a throttle positioning sense..but to me even with my noob experience with wrxs you need to tune it

Bboy LiMiT 04-23-2010 07:20 PM

I bought the car with the exhaust on it and have driven at least 3k miles with it and it has never done this until now. I'm not trying to say your wrong about the tune but it sounds like you think i just bought and put the exhaust on and it started giving me problems. I think I'm just going to buy the coilpack, spark plug wires, and the plugs and do them one at a time to see what the problem was. Maybe I'll even do them in the reverse order listed lol

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